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Only a while back SnapChat had promptly turned down advances from the online giants like

Facebook and Google, a decision that has been highly criticized and talked about. But blwoing

all the criticisms and assumptions in air, SnapChat founders have embraced the idea of Yahoo

investing a whopping $20 million dollars.

The move has given rise to many conjectures. The question doing the rounds is of course, why

settle for the less popular and less trendy Yahoo instead of the marketing hotshots like Google or

Facebook. SnapChat really does not have a lack of suitors in that aspect.

Why did SnapChat accept this offer?

The reason is a little tricky. Snapchat and its temporary messaging service had been successful

in creating a very good popularity. However that popularity had a catch as well. It is due in part

to the privileges of discreetly exchanging private photos and sexts. Of course that was not the

primary objective of the app; however it seems 70% of the young people (who are, by the way,

the majority of the users) use the app for private entertainment only. But this had driven the

advertisers away, for the fear of scandal or so it seems. Supervising the content generated by

user that is exchanged via the app is indeed proving to be a difficult dealing. As a counter step,

the Chief Executive Officer of the company Evan Spiegel has decided on this option; that of

producing safe, original, licensed and collective substance through Yahoo.
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Why choose Yahoo?

Because yahoo is simply good at this. Yahoo already has the reputation of having a good stock of

content which is appealing for big advertisers under the supervision of CEO Marrisa Meyer. Last

year, it invested in Summly, an app for summarizing news on Smartphone. The search engine

also boasts of a contract with famous TV channel, Sony, made this year. Apparently, Yahoo is

picking up the very popular TV series Community’s sixth season.

SnapChat Discovery: the first step towards drawing the advertisers in:

As an initial step towards recovering SnapChat’s reputation as an app that promotes exchanging

of evocative content, the app is building a new product by the name of SnapChat discovery. This

is something radically different from what SnapChat is famous for. Whereas a Snapchat picture

would always be either a stupid selfie or the photo of a cat, with SnapChat discovery, users will

get the opportunity of sharing mature and professional stuff like news clippings and similar

videos. With this creation, SnapChat users can read daily editions of journals and newspapers

and watch TV series and movies too. All they have to do is keep on pressing a finger on the

screen; the same process of seeing images and messages on this app before they disappear.

Needless to say this is an appreciative step for keeping the young users and prestigious

advertising companies involved at the same time. With this step, it can be hoped that SnapChat

will soon be shedding its notoriety and form a bigger fan base.

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