Out snap chat hacked snapchat hack filters-The Leaking Of 13 GB Snapchat Pictures Ushered a Huge Controversy Worldwide

Snapchat is the new mobile app of the selfie-obsessed generation who prefer to capture every

moment of their life and share it with their friends. The concept of selfie swept the teenage

generation like wild fire. Snapchat allowed the teenagers to send and share their selfies and

wonderful moments with their friends but in a unique way. The photos and the videos sent

through Snapchat vanished within a few seconds. The unique idea of sharing Snapchat pics and

videos that are self destructive in nature made Snapchat go viral in the Smartphone of teenagers.

They loved to send and share pictures and videos that vanished in no time.

Did Snapchat go against its unique feature?

Snapchat claimed that all its pictures and videos are self-destructive in nature and cannot be

revived by the recipient if he or she is not fast enough to take a quick screenshot. Most of the

teenagers worldwide took this advantage to share and send their personal photos and even

sexually-explicit content like pictures and videos. But the feature of self-destructive images came

into question when almost 13 gigabytes of deleted Snapchat pics circulated in hacked online

sites. Snapchat came into the headlines with so many leaked pics that ought to have been deleted

according to the feature of Snapchat.OutThe reply to Roooar, out snap chat hacked snapchat hack filters

The controversy on the leaked pics

The selfie-obsessed teenagers were speculated about the safety of using the platform for sending

their private pictures. People all over the world speculated whether the Snapchat pics and

videos never get deleted and can be revived somehow or it was a result of the hacking of the

servers of Snapchat. The Snapchat leaked pics circulated online much to the embarrassment

of some and to the delight of others. The controversy ushered worldwide until the officials of

Snapchat intervened and denied the speculation about the breach of security and the hack of the


How the Snapchat team defended themselves in wake of the controversy?

Snapchat dismissed the accusation that the leak of 13 GB photos and other personal information

of the users was a result of breach of security of their servers. They claimed that their servers

were never breached. After much speculation and controversy the officials of Snapchat reported

that the leak of the photos were not because of them as their servers were never being hacked and

rather blamed the users for the Snapchat leaked pictures. They claimed that users often used

the third party apps through which the pictures and the videos are being hacked by the hackers.

Snapchat notified that using third party apps are being prohibited by them and it was against the

terms and policies of Snap chat. They further exclaimed that users who used these third-party

apps actually violated the terms and conditions of the apps.


Snapchat endeavored to remove the deleted pictures from the online site where it was leaked but

the pictures seemed to have circulated throughout the internet. Snap chat claimed that they are

trying to remove the third-party apps from Google play store and other sources so that the users

cannot access those third-party apps and such a disaster never takes place.

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