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Snapchat is a popular photo sharing app that allows its users to share pictures, Snapchat videos

and messages. The objects those are shared by the Snapchat app are called the snaps. For sharing

a picture with the friends the users need to select the picture first, then he/ she need to select a

time from 1 to 10 seconds for the snap. The receiver will be able to see the snap only for this

selected seconds, after that the snap will be deleted automatically from the app. The Snapchat

authority allows everybody to use this app; there is no age bar for the users. Anybody can use

this and share any pictures they want.

Popularity of Snapchat

The popularity of this social networking app is getting increased day by day. It has defeated

almost all other of its competitors. The users of this application are also increasing day by day, in

last year it was 14 million and now it has crossed 27 millions. This amount is enough to declare

the popularity of this social networking app… Especially the teenagers are the main users of this

app. The United States teenage boys and girls, aged between 13 to 17 years, are the half of total

Snapchat users.
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New service of Snapchat

This social networking app is very much popular among the teenage boys and girls, though there

are millions mature users too. The Snapchat authority is going to use this popularity of this app.

They are going to provide new service named Snapchat Discovery, for their users, the services

like news and advertise. There will be many TV networks, magazines and newspapers in

Snapchat Discovery. Wall Street Journal in a report says this. In fact this service is going to be a

game changer for this app. The app is very popular and this new service is going to make the app

more popular as the users will be more interested with this new service of the app.

The interested companies

The report says that the snap chat is now engage in convincing the advertisers. As the main

users of this app are teenagers, the teenage brands are more interested to use the Snapchat app for

using as an advertising platform. Several companies have shown interest for this new service of

the Snapchat app. Snapchat is also talking with many companies for this service, the companies

are ESPN, Vevo, Hearts (Cosmo. Mag.), National Geographic, the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed etc…

Although Snapchat authority has denied to make any comment about their meeting with those


Various reports say that the new service Snapchat discovery is going to be very popular among

the users. This will make the app more popular. The users will be able to be updated through

various news and magazines; they will get to know about the new products by the helpful

advertises. So, along with sharing Snapchat pictures, videos and messages the users will be

updated too. By holding the finger on the button of the Snapchat app the users will be able to get

all those services.

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