Learn how to use Snapchat, the cool picture messaging app-OPPS Snapchatters my storey

Snapchat App is one of the coolest messaging apps available in the application stores. The app

is gaining popularity for its easy and convenient ways of sending pictures and videos and feature

to add drawings and texts in it. It also provides you with an option to send as many pictures

as you want, to your friends and family without eating up the memory of your phone. These

features of Snapchat are making it extremely popular. Since its launch in 2011, this app has

taken on the internet market with its new concept and super cool features.

OPPS Snapchatters my storey

OPPS Snapchatters my storey

What Happens if I am Not 13?

If you are not 13 years of age, you will be diverted to the younger version of this app, where you

can take snaps, add text, and draw over the snaps, but will not be able to send or receive snaps

from your family and friends. This version is called Snapkidz.

In order to know how to use snapchat picture app, you just need to some basics.

Signing Up for this APP:

The first and foremost step would be downloading this app from the application store of your

smart phone. The unique feature of Snapchat is such that it supports both Android as well as

IOS smart phones. Thus you can very easily download it from the application store of both

kinds of smart phone. Once downloaded, install the app and sign up for it. Signing up I like

registering your details to the app, and making an account. To sign up on this app, you need an

email address, and your date of birth, and require choosing a new password. Feed all this in the

required area, and your Signing up is complete.

As soon as you finish signing up, you will be asked to share your phone number for verification.

Verify you account by filling in the code that will be sent to you on your number.


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