Oops Snapchat video show Selena and Justin together

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were recently spotted together in a Snapchat video, but still now

it is not clear to the audiences whether they are engaged again or not as Bieber was recently

linked to Jayde Pierce. And it is also reported by some journals that Gomez has been dating

Zedd. While some Jelena fans are expecting that these singers may patch up again, some are

happy to see them in a friendly relationship. Both of the singers have still now not responded on

the issue. The video became viral through the hand of Snapchat’s active users and now has been

articulated throughout the world. As greater parts of Snapchat’s users are youngsters hence it is

natural that through this app the video will be circulated rapidly, regarding to the topic it must be

mentioned that Snapchat recently has 200 million active users.
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Are Justin and Selena really dating?

Whether they are back in a relationship or just met as friends, the answer is still now under fog.

But the video is enough to freak out the fans of the singers who are too much anxious to know all

the recent updates of theirs life. Still now no paparazzi is able to sneak into their life to bring out

the answer but efforts are going on and soon the fan may get a satisfactory answer of their

queries. The meeting of these two stars has incurred much humdrum among their fans who truly

want to see them back together in a relationship.

Video incurs the hopes of Jelena fans/ did both of them break up with their present


Few days ago, an unverified rumor was circulated that stated that Gomez and Bieber were

hooking up again secretly and the witness watched them on Hillsong Church service over a

weekend. Though the video it is not apparent whether they are dating or not, but it certainly

confirms that both of them are now hanging out together. Even the world is unknown of the fact

whether they are single or not. Selena is reportedly dating Zedd though rumors emerge upon

their breakup as well which was also unsubstantiated by their spokespersons. It is in the news

that Bieber is dating Jayde Pierce and recently posted flirty snaps on Snapchat, they have been

seen into the gym together. No apparent news has come upon their disengagement with their

present partners. These incidents are enough to suggest that Justin and Gomez are just in a

cordial relationship and the hopes of the Jelena fans cannot come true.

But previously it was reported that Justin has soft corners for his ex and sometimes he

endeavored to make his ex jealous. But the video is enough to display that Bieber does not have

uneasiness to spend his time with his ex anymore. And it does not essentially suggest that both of

them have to date again, but all of these Jelena fans are thrilled to watch the possibility.

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