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Compared to other social media

Sharing of photographs is common across various social networking websites as well as other

applications like Instagram. Often, such sharing practice is based on feelings of propriety, self-
consciousness. Sometimes sharing images allows users to gain approval from a peer group.

Therefore, applications ensure that photographs of an individual subscriber to any of these

websites or apps get appropriate exposure.

Photo sharing websites and applications allow users to share all kinds of images, but this

characteristic is not same for other web applications. Most of them have filters that very

judiciously filter inappropriate content from the web.
Omega Chat With People Website With Chatting RoomsOmega Chat With People Website With Chatting Rooms

The new player has become the winner

Despite being a new player in the field of social networking it managed to amass more than 150

thousand users. The recent trends suggest that social networking sites are more photo-centric and

are based on the thought that the pictures are the future of any social communication.

In the market, there are heart images sharing applications available. In this competitive

environment each app making company is endeavoring to incorporate unique features in their

products. These companies market their items across the global population, highlight the

interesting features and amass users. Some of them try to keep the price structure affordable in

order to maximize sales as well as business. Though for the time being Facebook appears to be a

popular social networking as well as image sharing website, yet many new applications happen

to challenge the monopoly of Facebook.

SnapChat is gaining prominence in recent times and it is expected that within a short span of

time more and more people will find this social networking site interesting than Facebook.

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