ok if you must-Snapchat and its Bad Use among Teenagers

From its origin Snapchat has got a huge response from the users. In fact the app is one of the

most popular apps in this world. The popularity of the app is getting increased day by day. The

app is unique by its features. The features are really unbelievable. And the app is busy in

updating its features and services. Many new services also has been started by this social

networking app. Millions of people are engaged in this asp. One can share pictures, videos and

messages through this app. So, the users get connected always with the friends.

Snapchat and its users

Snapchat has a strong popularity among the users. The present generation is busy with this app.

The total Snapchat users are 27 million; this was 14 million in the previous year. There is no age

restriction for using the app… Anybody can use this for communicating with the friends. The

main users of this app are the young boys and girls. Most of the users of this app are the

teenagers. Some reporters have shown that the half of the total Snapchat users are the teenage

boys of United States, their age is between 13 to 17 years. This report is quite astonishing. The

tens and pre teens are the main users of this app.
Ok If You MustOk If You Must

Bad use of Snapchat

Snapchat is mainly a picture sharing app. The users can share their pictures with the friends.

Along with the pictures, the videos and messages can be shared. The objects those get shared in

this app are called the snaps. One can share anything as the snaps. The users need to select time

for sharing the snaps. This is for the disappearing feature of the app. The user can select time

from 1 to 10 seconds. After receiving the snap, the receiver will be allowed to watch the snap

only for this selected few seconds. After that the snaps will be disappeared automatically from

the app. This disappearing feature of the app is important. People like this disappearing feature

of the app. But most of the users share explicit pictures through the app, with the Snapchat

friends. Some also share nude images of themselves. Some users share intimate videos and love

pictures. The naked selfies are very common to this app. The porn stars also post sizzling

pictures for their promotion. And with all those explicit objects, the app has now become a vast

platform of sexting.

In some recent days we have seen the case of sexting through Snapchat in many schools. The

teens are busy in sharing their explicit pictures through this app. There is no age restriction for using this app… Anybody can use this app. And for that the minors are now allowed to share and

receive the explicit images and videos. But sometimes those cause the Snapchat leak. The

hackers post those explicit pictures and videos in various websites. Some users also use third

party apps, and those apps allow the users to get screenshots. And for that the pictures of Snap

chat can be saved.

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