oh my god-Rivals of Snapchat grows in number with Skype’s New Qik app

While snapchat’s run at the market has been anything but a smooth one, apart from burden of

dealing with the numerous allegations that are being thrown at this app, things does not seem to

make a turn for the better with more and more rivals with the intention of ending snapchat’s

growing popularity showing up in the market. Only recently an app called Qik has hit the news

claiming to be the best video messaging service available yet. The minds behind the app belong

to the creators of the revolutionary Skype. While there are, quite a few number of applications by

which the users can share video messages while chatting with their loved ones, snapchat

obviously being one of them, Skype’s Qik is all set to give them all a run for their money once it

gets fully functional. This may be a thing to worry about for snapchat in the near future since

snapchat video messaging service is one of the key features on which the app heavily relies.

What Qik proposes

The whole idea behind software, which itself allows users from across the globe to connect to

each other via live video feed, to launch an app such as Qik, which deals with short video

messages as opposed to live video chats, is to fill the gaps between video conversations between

two people. According to the head of Skype, Qik aims to keep people connected to each other

24/7. With Skype, one could only have a video conference with a second party when both of

them came online. With this new app, one could connect via videos with the other party even

when one of them is offline. Hence, even though the videos will play for a limited time unlike

when one gets unlimited time while live video chatting, it would give one the freedom to reach

the other at any time of the day regardless of whether they are online to pick up your video call

or not.



Similarity between Qik and snapchat

Qik and snapchat is eerily similar even apart from the fact that both of them are video

messaging apps. The videos that are shared via Qik is programmed to disappear from the device

of the user after a span of 2 weeks, very similar to that of every snapchat video which self-

destructs either immediately after it is viewed or within the next 24 hours. The additional

advantage that will be enjoyed by the Qik app is the fact that videos up to 42 seconds long can be

shared through this app, something that cannot be done through any other social app facilitating

video sharing. While this may be good news for the users who frequently use such services, it

might not be such good news for snap chat, whose problems with setting up a name for itself

seems to be fret with one hurdle after the next. Exactly how this social app plans to keep up with

its competitors, most of whom have already established themselves in the same field as this app

is still to be seen.

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