Snatchat Confirms About Introduction Of Ads-oh deary deary

Snatchat had disclosed its plans of plunging into the advertisement. The Los Angeles based

firm had affirmed that it would be soon rolling out advertisement onto its mobile application

platform. It has announced that the advertisement would specifically appear in the user’s

Recent Updates section from time to time and users could even choose whether they wish to

watch it or not.

Snatchat Is Excited About Advertisement Integration

The Snatchat CEO Spigel has said that the ads would be arriving to the platform’s stories

feature in a short time. A few brand advertisers had experimented their ads compatibility with

this platform. This platform would be delivering a considerable share of followers and social

share to the advertisers but it will certainly not deliver any demographic-targeting data.

Snatchat Users Base Is Mainly Younger Generation

The Snatchat user base is mainly dominated by the young users. It has been estimated that

more than the half of its user’s base comes from 18-24 years of age group. A well known

research firm called comScore even claims that the Snatchat is trailing only by the social

media giant Facebook and picture sharing app Instagram in terms of popularity among the

19-34 year old smartphone users.
Oh Deary DearyOh Deary Deary

Snatchat has also claimed that over 700 million fleeting ‘snaps’ are sent and a whooping

number of 500 million stories are shared each day on its mobile application platform. These

figures and higher success rate of Snatchat gives it a commanding position in the field of

advertising. The advertisers are more likely to benefit from its ever growing penetration

power and user base than anywhere else.

Ads Are Deemed To Be Non-Intrusive

Ads would appear in the Recent Update section from time to time and it would disappear

once the user has seen it or within 24 hours at most. Ads would appear and disappears just

like the Stories on the Snatchat. These ads are designed to be non-intrusive in nature which

means it will not appear in the user’s snaps or chats. Snatchat understand the nature of its

users it would not resort to such disgusting tactics for imposing its ads.

Snatchat wishes to deliver a healthy experience through ads by making them more funny

and informative for its users. They believe that the ads were first made for this purpose only

before they turned creepy and hugely targeted. Snatchat ads are also expected to provide

terrific and engaging contents to its users.

Yahoo Invests Wholeheartedly in Snatchat

Earlier in October, Bloomberg had reported about the Yahoo was actively investing in

Snatchat, which even led the company’s valuation, run as high as $10 billion. Snatchat is

keeping mum about this event by refusing to give any comment.

Interesting the reason for introducing the advertising on its app platform was genuinely

being ‘the need to make money’. A company’s post had simply revealed its necessity to

make money by throwing in advertisements on its platform which is expected to be a great

experience for both the users and the company itself.

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