oh deary deary 5-Hackers Threaten Again to Leak Stolen Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular app, generally used for photo messaging. You can share pictures, videos,

and massages with your friends through this app. Objects, shared in snapchat app are called

snaps. Many users, mainly teens are sharing their love pictures, intimate images; that causes the

snapchat leak. Those private pictures are hacked by the hackers and they spread it in various

websites. People often get shocked by seeing their private pictures in other sites, what they

shared in snapchat. At first a user should know what is Snapchat? In short it is a photo

messaging app. A user can select few seconds for the duration of his snap. The viewer can see

this snap only for this selected few seconds. After that the app automatically delete snapchat

pictures. Those pictures cannot be saved by the users.

Misuse of snapchat

Many researches show that the users are taking snapchat app in wrong way. Peoples are sharing

their private pictures, love pictures, snapchat videos containing adult objects etc. although

snapchat was created for a very creative purpose. A report shows that the United States teens,

age between 10 to 12 years, are sharing those adult objects, the most. They are using the app by

forgetting its purpose, and for that the hackers are insisted.Oh Deary Deary 5Oh Deary Deary 5

Snapchat hack & hackers’ threat

Snapchat hackers are now able to hack this app and for that the snapchat leaked by those

hackers. The snapchat authority says on Twitter that their server was not hacked, there is some

third party app, and by those third party apps the hackers are getting those pictures and snapchat

video. They also say that some common users are using those third party apps too. Snapchat

accuses two third party app, those are Snapsaved. Com & Snapsave, the two companies deny the

blames. But some sources say that the server of the company had hacked and for that the privacy

of the users have been disclosing. Some third party app like Snapspy, Snapbox, and Snapkeep

allows the users to keep screenshot. By the screenshot one can save any pictures he wants. He

can store this picture in his device; thus some users are collecting pictures containing adult

material, and spreading it on the web. They are doing this for money, momentary pleasure or for

some other reason. But those people, who are the victim of this hacking, find themselves nude on

the web. Users get embarrassed to the whole world as their privacy is disclosed to the world.

Snapchat hackers threats again for ‘The Snapping’, and this time they can release 200,000

leaked snapchat. ‘The Snapping’ could be more dangerous than ‘The Fappening’, which

exposed a lot of celebrities’ private pictures. Not only one time, snapchat has hacked for many


Snapchat’s new policy

The snapchat authority is scrutinizing their privacy policy. They now want to settle them up with

Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which will guide the app. By that settlement snapchat can

make its security stronger, which was very week.

Along with all that, the users have to be more responsible about their sharing and also about their

friends. They shouldn’t share their private objects in social app, for their privacy.

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