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Snapchat is one of the current messaging apps that are dominating the area between social

media platforms and mobile platforms. Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has earned millions

of admirers throughout the globe. And with its recent update Snapchat Stories, we can now only

expect that this messaging app is going to places in future.

The cool new site called http://snapchatleaked.com/ is the perfect complementary of Snapchat.

In Snapchatleaked.com, one can download photos from Snapchat profiles, upload it in here,

and share with friends from various places and make new acquaintances every day. This hip

photosharing digital media platform not only provides you with the opportunity to connect with

people, but also let you preserve your precious moments beautifully.
Oh Deary Deary 3Oh Deary Deary 3

Messaging apps doesn’t leave trails behind

Snapchat is leading the pack of those messaging/sharing mobile apps that delete your shared

items within a particular time-frame- thus leaving no chance to make you feel embarrassed on

your photo/content that you don’t want to show anymore.

The marketers also waking up with messaging apps

All over the world marketers waking up with the fact that messaging apps keep it real and

grounded thus making it easy for them to engage in a more intense and informal conversation

with users/customers through apps. Messaging apps have the powers of the followings-

• Frequent conversation

• Mixing payment mode, games, location-based services under single roof

• High on EQ


Though marketing through messaging apps is in the basic stage, the vision is clear. In future

these apps are going to play a bigger role in e-commerce same way, as right now, they are doing

it in the lives of millions of users.

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