The features and steps for finding friend on SnapChat-oh deary deary 2

If you are known to the photo sharing applications of the world, you must have heard of the

SnapChat. It is one of the prime photo sending apps used in the world and with 700million

photos and videos sent per day, it is really a very famous app. The app was not made with

the intention for making it widespread. It was developed as a normal class project in Stanford

University. The app can be mainly used for sharing photos, videos, drawings or editing. The

photos and videos which are sent are known as snaps and they can be visible for a specific time

after which they are hidden. The company says that the photos and videos are deleted but in

reality they can be retrieved with technical knowledge. The developers were Evan Spiegel and

Reggie Brown but a new guy named Bobby Murphy was added to the group.
Oh Deary Deary 2Oh Deary Deary 2

The working and relevant features

You must be using the online social network Facebook; well in this app also you have friends

like the facebook friends, whom you can send the pictures to. Like the facebook friends, you

can also chat with them and also do video chat. The notifications are known as stories and they

can be viewed for the next 24hours after being uploaded. The company also claimed back in

June, 2013 that the stories feature of the app has also surpassed the snaps with more than a

billion viewed per day.

The new feature is available which is also known as the ‘here’ feature. It includes the appearing

of a here sign in the form of a blue bubble in the window. You may encounter the sign while

using the app. It means a friend of you is available for video chatting on the app. This bubble

is only available while you are active on the app. It is mainly a sign to notify the live or online

friends on the app.

This app also has a bad reputation for being used for indecent reasons. Most of the people report

having received explicit content.

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