Snapchat Is Aiming To Rise to New Heights with Its Forthcoming News Service

Snapchat attained much of its popularity as the teenage app with unique features which enabled

the photos and the videos to disappear within 10 seconds just like magic. The appearing and

disappearing of Snapchat pictures and videos, the user-friendly interface of the way, the

provision to filter and edit the images to personalize it made it popular with the selfie-obsessed

generation. However, Snapchat has been constantly in news after a few months of its inception

for the Snapchat leaked photos and usernames that circulated in online websites but that failed

to diminish the popularity of the app Snapchat. Teenagers still prefer it as the platform to snap

and share.

News service by Snapchat

Snapchat also created quite a buzz when it is approached by investors. It even declined the

offer of acquisition from Facebook for 3 billion dollar cash. Many investors eyes Snapchat not

for its value but for the strong base of followers. The investors realized the business prospects

of investing on Snapchat which does not yet generate any revenue. The decline of the offer of

Facebook by Snapchat hinted that the owners of Snapchat probably had something bigger in their

minds. The ambitious move of Snap chat is now clear with the announcement that Digiday will

create a mock-up of the forthcoming news service of Snapchat which includes some of the major

media outlets like BuzzFeed, Vice, CNN, National Geographic, ESPN, the Daily Mail, People,

Cosmopolitan, Vevo and Comedy Central. However, only ESPN and Vevo had confirmed the

buzz that they had talks about the service with Snapchat.

Snapchat’s attempt to partner with media outlets

The earlier reports claimed that the news service of Snap chat will be termed as Sanpchat

Discovery while the mock-up used the term Discover. The latest news on the new service

of Snap chat proved the grandness of the ambition of Snapchat and the reason it dismissed

the offer by Facebook. Critics all round the world believe that it’s normal for Snapchat in

endeavoring to partner with National Geographic and Comedy Central as these specialize in

making still imagery and compelling videos which trades in Snapchat. Snapchat does not only

want to limit its services only to images and videos but also want to serve audio and text to make

it all-inclusive media app. Snapchat probably managed to rival all other social networking apps

because of its unique ideas and the aim to diversify and expand its horizons.

The new service by Snapchat

The report on the forthcoming news service of Snapchat revealed that the news content will

include long stories but the content will disappear eventually according to the signature feature

of Snapchat. Some people believe that this could be a bid of Snap chat to monetize the app

and generate revenue. Sources claimed that Snapchat is encouraging the media outlets to find

advertisers for the news content in order to generate revenue.


Some critics claim that this is the way Snapchat has finally decided to monetize the app and

reach the younger generations with innovative ideas and distinct features.

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