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Let’s See Some Latest Snapchat News

Snapchat is a popular photo messaging app which allows it users to share pictures, videos and

messages. It has become a rival to the other social networking apps in a short period. Almost 27

million people use snapchat app, which was 14 million in the previous year. The United States

teens of 13 to 17 years are the main users of the app. Some reports say that the half of the total

snapchat users is the teenage boys and girls. This news shows the popularity of snapchat among

the youngsters of United States and of the world. Almost every day we notice headlines about

snapchat in various media; this is the popularity of the snapchat app.

Yahoo’s plan for investing in Snapchat

Wall Street Journal says that Yahoo plans to invest in the snapchat app. And for that the two

companies continue their talk. But it is not cleared that how much Yahoo is investing there. Both

the companies deny commenting in this matter. Sources say that if the tie up happens between

the two companies, it will be a game changing for them.

Facebook bringing video chat app

Facebook is developing a video chat to be a perfect rival to the snapchat. Facebook is working

hard to launch their new video chat app, which will allow sharing short video messages by using

touch screen. It should not forget that Facebook tried to buy snapchat by $3 billion, but the

snapchat authority did not pay any heed for them.

Millions of Snapchat users’ account compromised

Snapchat, the most private picture sharing app says about the security loophole which allows the

hackers to hack millions of private pictures and snapchat videos, and the snapchat authority says

that they will change their security system. It is the first statement from the snapchat, after the

huge snapchat leak. But snapchat has gained its popularity within a few days only because it

allows the teen users to share private pictures through this app.

Hackers leak info of about 4.6 million users

The hackers post online username and phone numbers of about 4.6 million snapchat users’.

SnapchatDB is such a site which provides the information and phone numbers of the hacked

users. Snapchat hackers are succeeded somehow to hack the server of the app, and thus they get

a lot of explicit pictures of the users. And the users are getting shocked when they see their

intimate pictures in various other websites.

Snapchat rejects Facebook’s $3 billion offer

Facebook tried to buy snapchat, the popular photo messaging app. Facebook even offered

snapchat $3 billion cash, but snapchat rejects this offer even without having any revenue.

Snapchat is concentrating in the development of their app.

Snapchat has become a very popular social networking app, it has been increasing g its

popularity day by day. The teenage users are interested more in this app, as they are allowed to

share explicit pictures through this app. Snapchat also trying to strict their security system and

for that they are taking new policy for their security system.

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