Now share and save photos on your online gallery

Having a smartphone in the hand is so common a fact and more common fact is to snap photos

with phones. What is of more fun is that to click funny photos and send them to the friends.

Among the crowd of such application on mobile phones, the best one is snapchat app. This

application is a mobile app that spares the advantage to the users to click and send the photos to

the desirable audience and they can set the exact time for the appearance of the photo. The

photos last for 10 seconds the most. After that the photos go removed the device forever.

Online gallery for snapchat:

Some people have regretted their best snaps that they have clicked with passion and a heat of the

moment but they had forgotten that after a few minutes the photos will be removed forever. They

had sent those photos to their wished audience but because those photos were clicked during the

app was activated, the app did not allow the photos to stay longer. For the people like these who

love to do photography there is an option open. They can click share and save their photos to an

online gallery created by the application organization. The stuffs and members of the application

have tried their best and brought out a new idea. They have built an online gallery as to help

those photography lovers to store their assets. Since the time the concept of online gallery has

come to the existence it has become all the way easier to stock photography images. It is now

so easy to click photos, share with them with friends and then save it as well in your personal

account. To activate the facility for you, you have to create an account on the online gallery page

of the application. Then the photos you will be clicked and sent to the chosen recipient and will

be deleted but they will be sent to your online gallery and saved there for you. You can have

your access to those photos whenever you want and share with more public on your wish.

Snapchat photos can be shared with the third party tool as well. From another application of

similar kind or an application of social media, you will be available to share your creative photos

to a larger body of public. This application gives you not only the facility to share mere images

rather it enables the audience to share videos and drawings as well. On using this application,

you can become more and more creative and explore on the new hidden personality of you.

On the online gallery of the application, they have the advancement that you can share photos of

yourself, of your friends and photos of people as well. Since there is no such time limit for the

photo to get removed permanently, you can easily click photos of other with much comfort and

relaxation and share them on your online gallery to be saved.

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