Snapchat’s Popularity Among Today’s Generation-now he is a catfish

Today’s kids are very tech savvy, no doubt about that. But they are equally aware of the side

effects of a social app. They know what they post can be analyzed and then used to pull them

down. And that is where SnapChat stays ahead of its competitors.
Now He Is A CatfishNow He Is A Catfish

The temporal nature of SnapChat

The internet has its dark sides, clearly. Most kids are aware of that. There have been cases when

people have lost their jobs because of objectionable content found on social platforms. So when

you find internet to be a place which is not exactly safe to share about your private lives, it is no

wonder that you will look for alternative options which provide temporality as the main feature.

That is the essence of SnapChat. It lets the kids of today socialize in the way they want that is by

having fun and not worrying over the permanence factor.

You can view it in this way. If you are an adult, you would not like your photos on that exotic

vacation to be posted on LinkedIn as that might give forth an image of a freeloader. It is kind of

the same with kids. Nobody wants to get judged or ridiculed at for sharing stupid videos. It is this

advantage of privacy during their growing up years that make the kids fond of SnapChat.

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