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Snapchat to the rescue: the rape case

SnapChat has been recently on the news for the wrong reasons but the credit behind the quick

arrest of the third Snapchat rapist who was on the run and whom police had been searching is

due in part to the photo sharing app.

What exactly happened?

On September 3, 2014 a girl in Massachusetts, aged 16 was raped after being drugged, and this

happened just behind the school, where she studied in Sangus. The brutal rape was then recorded

and then posted on the popular photo and video sharing app, Snapchat. The video was received

by a lady acquaintance who managed to save a SnapChat screen-shot and show it to his father

who in turn informed the police. A devastated mother of the victim told NBC Boston, that the

girl was found in a critical condition with multiple bruises in her body, several injuries, broken

toes and what not; and to top it all, she was left naked to die at the spot. She wasn’t breathing

properly when found. She continued saying that they tried to kill her by choking her throat, and

there were marks of fingerprints on her throat.

While two persons have been arrested in connection to this case, a 17 year old boy and an 18

year old girl, the third suspect was missing.

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The Third Suspect

Police has identified the third suspect in connection to the Snapchat rape case as Rashad Deihim,

aged 19. He is the one who had recorded the video of the assault and had posted it on Snapchat.

While he had been on the run for something, police finally managed to nab him. According

to a Saugus police spokesperson Deihim, who had allegedly drugged, raped and snapchatted

the sexual assault had turned himself into Newburyport police. He now faces charges like

kidnapping, assault with intent to rape, indecent assault, battery on a person age 14 or older and

posing a child for sexual act. He has been convicted by the Lynn District Court.

According to The Boston Globe, Deihim had been held earlier too had been held for cases

involving violence against women, but was freed by a judge. The decision was taken despite

the pleas of the prosecutor to jail him as they believed that he can pose threat. In 2013, both his

mother and ex-girlfriend took out a restraining order against him. He appeared before court but

was released. Had the court been strict before, maybe the incident could have been averted.

SnapChat’s role in the fiasco:

There is no denying that SnapChat had a good role to play in the eventual arrest of the rapists.

Even though the unfortunate video went viral, it was due to that act itself that the relatives of the

victim got to know about the mishap and could take immediate actions to help the victim as well

as inform the police about the rape case.

This says a lot about the positive and the adverse effects of the popularity of social networking

sites like SnapChat and Facebook. While they are being criticized for keeping a generation

almost at their mercy, this incident shows instant messaging is not all that bad.


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