nothing at all-Snapchat Updated with Text Chat and video Calling for Your Advantage

Snapchat has been updated with two new major features. You can do text chat now only by

swiping the right from main camera, after that swipe again on your selected person. The

messages will disappear, but you can save some selected messages for the future use. When you

and your friend are using snapchat app for conversation, you will find a blue notification button

and by clicking on it you can access video call instantly. Video streams will be one or two way.

By using these new features you can use snapchat more easily and quickly.

Uses of Snapchat

Snapchat is a photo sharing app; one can share pictures, messages, snapchat videos by this app.

The objects shared in snapchat are called snaps. First of all you should know what is snapchat?

The purpose of snapchat is very creative, but people often using it in a bad purpose. A user have

to select few seconds for the duration of his snap, the receiver can view this object only for these

selected seconds. The time is between 1 to 10 seconds. After this selected period the snap will be

disappeared automatically.



Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is increasing its popularity day by day. Last year its user was 11 million, but this year it

is reached in 27 million. A report says that the half of the total users is teenagers. The teenage

boys and girls of United States, age between 13 to 17 years, are using this app most. Sometimes

they are taking the app in a wrong way; they share their private pictures, love pictures, nude

video in this app. They share it to their close friends. But they get shocked when they see their

nudity on the various websites. Hackers are able to hack those private pictures and as a result

their privacy has been disclosed in the public. Sometimes users can get screenshot from

snapchat. They thus get any adult objects and spread those images on the web.

Snapchat hacking

The authority of snapchat claims in Twitter that there server was not hacked, these are some

third party applications, which allow the users to take screenshots from, and thus the privacy of

the users is disclosed. But some sources say that the server of the snapchat was hacked and the

hackers are able to collect explicit pictures from there. There are some third party apps, like

Snapkeep, SnapSpy, and SnapBox, who allows the users to get screenshots of the snapchat

pictures. By using those apps, some users are able to get adult objects from the snapchat app.

The hackers spread those explicit objects in website for money, momentary pleasure or for some

extra purpose. But for that the privacy of the users are not safe, they are now public to the whole


The users have to be more responsible in using this app, before sharing any object they have to

be thinking about its future. They need to know clearly and personally about their friends.

Snapchat is a social app, so. Use it with responsibility because this app is no safer.

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