Notflores Superman-Snappening Results in Leakage of Over 200,000 Nude Snapchat Images

Hundreds of thousands of leaked Snaps i.e. the Snapchat user’s images are being uploaded

from discreet servers across the globe on the internet. These pictures are not those simple

selfies or pictures of pets or dinner table pictures rather than these are intimate or naked

pictures of the Snapchat users.

The Snappening

These images are being infamously loaded by the anarchic /b/ board on the 4chan online

forum. This forum has rechristened this unfortunate event as ‘The Snappening’. The

Snappening is the illegal reproduction of the leaked intimate photos of the Snapchat users on

the web. This comes soon after the recent leak of the private celebrity nude photos which has

happened on the highly secure iCloud.

The Snapchats content worth of 13 GB in images and videos files are being held up by

4chan forum. This forum is actively involved in process that content into an organised

database which could be searched by tying in the Snapchat username.

Snapchat Provides A Noble Means of Sharing Photos And Videos

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing platform whose apps are highly popular among the

Android and Iphone users. Snapchat allows its users to send the images and videos to each

other free of charge with a promise of automatically deleting the content within 24 hours.

Mostly the images and videos uploaded and shared by the users get deleted between 1 to 10

seconds. This results in providing one of the fastest and one of a kind disappearing images

and videos service.

Notflores Superman

Notflores Superman


Third Party Apps Rose Due To Limited Viewing Capabilities

Snapchat has given limited viewing capabilities to its users which in turn spurted the

mushrooming of third-party apps which promised to save it all for Snapchat users. These

third-party apps allowed the users to capture that brief photo for future viewing and sharing

and ended up compromising the privacy of the Snapchat users. Even Snapchat service of

providing limited viewing capabilities to its user could be held responsible for the

Snappening debacle to some extent.

Third Party Apps Busted Snapchat Users

Snapchat has said in its official statement that it server were not breached at all. It is the use

of the third-party apps which had wronged the Snapchat users. Snapchat had strictly asked

its users to prohibit from using any such services in its Terms Of Service as well.

Users should understand that the third-party apps works in dual ways, they not only save the

photos for the users but also sends them to someone else without their knowledge. One of the

most prominent such app is called Snapsave, as expected they are denying their involvement.

Child Pornography Likely To Stumble Out Of the Snappening

Demographically the Snapchat users are mainly minors aged between 13 to 17 years old.

This means that the leak would invariably result in spewing of child pornography images.

This is now turning into a serious stuff and very soon the real culprits would be found. The

Snappening in reality points the finger on the user’s security and privacy on the popular

messaging mobile applications.

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