Norma Rossiter- The security lapse of Snapchat hurting the user’s identity

Snapchat is one of the fastest apps of the recent era, its popularity has rose because of such a

timing sense and huge feature tally of the app. There is also a replacement that you’re mobile

or tablet may provide the screenshot; with the screenshot you can revisit that picture when you

want. If you don’t follow the above step your snapchat pic will be erased from your mobile and

saved into the original server of the snapchat.

The app snap chat started is journey in 2011, from the small living room of Evan Spiegel’s (the

developer of the app) father, at that time the name of was Picaboo. It has changed its name and

with it the fortunes wheels too. Now it is million dollar company and it is a common term among

teen agers and youngsters.

But recently it has made headline due to wrong reason of creating a security infringement

between the users and the authority of the snap chat. According to various sources, the authority

of snapchat has leaked nearly 4.6 million username and phone numbers of the users to various


Norma Rossiter

Norma Rossiter

Norma Rossiter

Reasons for the cause

Snap chat’s USP in the market is because it’s fast nature. Feature of the app is designed in such a

way that the teen agers get attracted towards it. But like all other social networking websites the

snapchat too has been one of the popular among youngsters and people of middle age too.

People used it to chat with friends or any other person; you can also share pictures, videos and

make new friends as well. For that they first need they first need to enlist their names into the

security panel and provide the details to the snapchat’s authority. In such a situation when this

personal information gets leaked, that person might be in a great trouble.

Misconception among people

Technologies and apps are always there to make life easy for people, the problem arises when

people uses it on wrong grounds. People is such a situation faces a lot of problems is pointing

fingers at the authority of the app. But they might not have intended to hurt the users so cruelly

by providing their personal details to the other improper sources.

It is also a strong belief among the authority of the app and the officials that with the third party

users the app is losing its credibility and of it’s the personal information. In the addiction of

making friends, people often provide important personal details to many friends, who are prone

to this third party app and because of that the information is getting leaked.

To sum up

With the invention of new social media apps like that of snapchat, it brings us to a conclusion

that with such violation of security from the side of the app. The users still are gathering and

increasing in number.

Now the people using the app has to be very specific while making friends and providing

information without knowing them personally because they may be one who will cause the

infringement of security with the third party app.

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