no words just take it in publicly at techcrunch-The leaked photos from snapchat to affect thousands of users

While it was hard to assess as to exactly how many people would be affected by the recent hack

that took place involving snapchat – a social instant messaging app that was quickly catching on

all over the world. The incident branded as “snappening” by the hackers, according to a popular

news channel, could potentially affect the future of so much as 4.6 million users of this

application from various parts of the globe. While the owners of the company are busy defending

the security settings of their app, putting all the blame on a third party app, the damage has been

done. Many of the leaked snapchat photos have already been uploaded to a live streaming

database for the public to see, including those with compromising content. Other than that, it is

being said that there might be a good chance that the identity of those millions of users might be

under the threat of being exposed.

Hackers threatening to reveal user identities

After successfully being able to extract photos from another app which some of the users chose

to store the snapchat pictures in, before they had the opportunity to self-destruct, the hackers

did not stop there. They went on to uploading the compromising pictures on a database, bringing

out the severe flaws behind the snapchat firewall. Now, they have gone back and traced the

identities and phone numbers of the people who allegedly shared those pictures via the app. Even

though the hackers have maintained some form of discretion when it comes to revealing the

phone numbers by withholding the last two digits of each of them, it is only a matter of time that

they choose to disclose it all.No Words Just Take It In Publicly At TechcrunchNo Words Just Take It In Publicly At Techcrunch -So happy I screenshot this in time ;D

The dire consequences that the users can face

In case the hackers do decide to come forward with all the information that they have under them

regarding the identities of these users, the consequences for those users could be life-destroying

including jail-time. Once the information becomes public knowledge, nothing would stop the

police and authorities from filing law-suits for cases such as child-pornography and so on against

these users. Most of the population who use snap chat belong to the pre-teen to teenage group

and as such, had given no thought as to what their actions could entail in the future since as far as

they were concerned, the app was designed to delete whatever pictures they shared with one

another after they were viewed.

Prediction regarding snapchat’s weak security measures

An Australian security firm had predicted the vulnerabilities behind the snapchat’s security

measures long ago and the leaked snapchat pictures just proves the fact that they had been right

all along about that. Even the hackers, in an anonymous video in the same database that they

shared the photos admitted that they capitalized on all the weak points that were already pointed

out by the Australian security company and with an advanced form of the probing technology

that was used by the Australian company to discover these vulnerable points, they were able to

easily hack into the app and steal those photos.

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