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Why Marketers Prefer Snapchat as a Platform to Showcase Advertisements?

Snapchat carved its niche in the social networking apps with its unique features that made it

different from other social networking apps and made it popular with the teenagers. The ghost-
like appearing and disappearing images and videos of Snapchat created a phenomenon in the

world of social networking apps and appealed especially to the teenagers who are always eye

for something different. This app became popular with the teenagers after a few months of

its inception. It came into the news headline with every controversy and new features which

upgraded the app. The team of Snapchat of is endeavoring to upgrade the app so that it never

fails to lose its popularity.

The interest of the investors and advertisers

The rising popularity of Snapchat became a matter of concern for other social networking

sites. It was even courted by investors worldwide who could see through the future prospect of

Snapchat. The interest of the investors on the smart app was due to the huge base of followers.

They probably realized that it would be worth investing on a venture that is popular with millions

of people worldwide and the popularity does not seem to be waning. Snapchat too welcomed the

investors for upgrading the app and make it more popular.

Advertisements that are not targeted

After a year of its inception, Snap chat decided to be the platform for advertisements so that it

can generate revenue. However, Snapchat did not try to follow the customary way for advertising

like other platforms. It aims to turn its weakness into the strength of the advertisers. The app

Snapchat does not want the advertisements to be targeted nor will it produce the sponsored

content using the snaps or the chats. They aim to help the advertisers reach out to the common

mass by delivering the advertisements in an informative style which can be fun for the users

rather than a forceful attempt to reach the target audience.

Weakness of Snapchat

The weakness of Sanpchat in the world of advertisement can be that it does not have the rich data

from the users which can be used to send out personalized advertisements. On the contrary, they

are using this weakness as strength to reach out to people signifying that they never collect data

as it is unethical. Marketers are aware of the fact that the users are already passionate about the

app Snapchat and have become a brand. An already popular brand provides the apt platform

which will not require hardcore promotion as the users will definitely love to get advertisements

in the form of messages from that brand. Some of the brands that showcased its services and

products through this platform received phenomenal success. For this reason, the marketers are

likely to overlook the weakness of Snapchat and embrace it as the platform tom reach out to the

engaging audiences.

To sum up

Snapchat aims to help the marketers use it as a platform to reach out to its users by

creating innovative advertisements that are not creepy or seem targeted like the customary


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