no one wants to drink-The new and exciting features like Replay and Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat- the premier social networking media nowadays

Well, since the launching of the innovative application Snapchat, it has faced a lot of challenges in the

market including the challenge from the social networking giant, Facebook, the competition from the tough

competitors in the market like Instagram, etc. But, the app has reached a huge popularity among the users

and thanks to some of the most innovative and interesting ideas of the founder, Evan Spiegel. The users have

found it very much useful to share pictures and videos all around the world and also send the media to friends.

The features also ensure safety and privacy t the users and also give them license to share almost uncountable

number of pictures and videos. So, that has almost changed the face of social networking media and also given

the users a new mode of being social.No One Wants To DrinkNo One Wants To Drink

The new features of the app, Snapchat and the main use of them to the users

The main feature of the app includes the availability of a post only for twenty four hours and after which it will

not be available to the users. It gives a lot of privacy and the users can also be secure about the pictures or posts

that they put up on the social networking media. There were also some of the new features added to the social

networking app like replay which allows the users to replay the videos or view the snaps again in case you

have missed them or want to view them again because some moments can be really precious and they need to

be viewed several times. So, you can view the snaps again within the 24 hours of their posting and cherish the

best moments of your near and dear ones. The CEO, Evan Spiegel, said that, the users missed many moments

or posts of their friends and they need to view the snaps again. So, keeping in mind the needs of such users,

Snapchat adds Replay feature such that the users can view the posts whenever they want to within the 24

hours as that time only counts and after that the posts will not be available to the users. It was enough beneficial

for the users and is likely to increase the popularity of the app among its users.

Along with the Replay feature, another very interesting feature that has been added to the app is the addition

of the visual filters with which you can add different visual effects and filters like the speed, time, the weather

supplied by the weather channel, etc. to the snaps such that they get some more features and get shared on the

social media. Now, for accessing the visual filters, you need to change the settings from the settings menu

in the app, then go to additional services and then select manage to turn on the filters. There is also a feature

called the front camera flash especially for the selfies or the self portraits. So, those are really exciting and fun

features which is likely to increase the apps popularity among the users.

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