no most definatly not-How the Snapchat Pictures Were Leaked To the Online Hacking Sites?

Snapchat is a new photo-sharing app widely used by the teenagers to share their pictures and

videos within their friends. This platform for social photo sharing received immense popularity

since its inception because of the unique feature of the app that destructs the instant photos

and videos shared within a time frame of only ten seconds. Snapchat has lately created a buzz

about the leaking of the Snapchat leaked pictures and videos shared by users. The leaking

of the Snapchat pictures raised questions on the breach of security of the servers of Snapchat.

The question was raised on the promise of Snapchat about the self-destructive photos. Many

speculations were made worldwide regarding the breach of security in the servers of Snapchat.

Snapchat’s reaction on the leaking of the pictures

The controversy regarding the leaking and posting of Snapchat pictures and the subsequent

posting of the pictures in the online hacking sites could not interfere with the popularity of the

app. Snapchat conveyed its message to its Twitter followers to defend itself from the blame

about the breach of the servers. The Snapchat team affirmed that their servers were not breached

rather the leak of the pictures was done through the third party apps. Snapchat officials asserted

that it is the users who use different third party apps of Snapchat are to be blamed for the

massive leak of pictures. They affirmed that their servers were not the source of the leaks but the

wide use of the third party apps by the users is solely responsible for the leak.No Most Definatly NotNo Most Definatly Not

What are the third party apps and how do they work?

Officially Snapchat does not have any third party app but many third party apps have come up

after the app gained its popularity among teens. The teenagers often follow these apps to log in

to their Snapchat accounts using their credentials and the pictures shared through these apps were

invariably hacked and shared on the online hacking sites as Snapchat leaked. You may come

across many such third party apps of Snapchat like Snapsave. The pictures shared through that

app are generally hacked and shared on the online hacking sites. The third party apps are devised

in such a way that they can log into the details of the Snapchat users and hack their personal

information including the pictures that are shared through that platform.

Message for the users

Snapchat made its users aware of the dangers of sharing their personal photos and videos

through the third party apps. The app was devised to give the freedom to the users to share

anything and everything using photos and videos. The social photo sharing app gave the

discretion to the users about what they will share but it warns its users not to use the third-party

apps which can leak their personal pictures on the online hacking sites using their credentials. It

affirmed that the servers containing the personal information of the users are absolutely secure.


Snapchat curtailed all the speculations regarding the breach of security of their servers and

guided their users to avoid third party apps.

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