Reality or Rumor: “SnapChat is not safe anymore”?-no more looking bro

You will hear a lot of people today talking about the safety concerns of using the Snapchat

Application. Many believe that the app is no longer that safe as it used to be. People have

also raised questions about the safety and security system of Snapchat and claims that there

is much vulnerability in the security system of Snapchat, which makes it easy for hackers,

and thus one is not safe by using this application. Many believe ‘snapleak’ is one of the

examples of Snapchat leaked, and of Snapchat leaked photos. People also claim that there

are various things about snapchat that have not been told to the consumers and that Snapchat

is basically acquiring data and is selling them to a third party to make profit.

All these allegations have been heard, read or seen, and it is totally in the air of the market.

But the bigger question is how substantial these allegations are. Do these allegations have

any base or they are implying baseless? In other words, or say, in simpler words, the question

is this entire allegation and accusation on Snapchat’s security is a reality or a rumor? You

might be thinking, why these things will crop up as a rumor, if there is nothing wrong in the

security. You might also think, what will one get by spreading such rumors? Let us discuss

few events associated with snapchat, which might answer these questions.
No More Looking BroNo More Looking Bro

Reasons for creating Rumors about Snapchat:

Snapchat is one of the most famous and widely used photo messaging application in the

application world today. Since its launch in 2011, this application has been on the top of the

messaging apps. Experts often say that Snapchat today is a trend setter, and it has become

a style statement. The app comes with a unique concept, in which the shared pictures get

deleted after the set time, thus eating no memory of the phone on storing them. In other

words, one can send the pictures on snapchat with a set time, after which the snapchat

picture will get automatically deleted.

Seeing this refreshing and unique concept, Facebook, tried to make an exactly similar

application, but eventually failed. Then it tried to acquire Snapchat Company, but the co

founder of Snapchat turned the offer down. Not only facebook, many other application

industries were affected by the successful spreading and wide use of this app. Thus, it

would not be wrong to assume that spreading rumors about Snapchat leaked photos, and

Snapchat leaked, along with security system of Snapchat, will eventually benefit a lot of

other companies.

Reality or Rumor:

Most users of Snapchat will know that snapleak is not a website where snapchat leaked

photos is posted. Rather it has nothing to do with snapchat pictures. This website has

pictures which are posted by users, which they submitted, either because they were hilarious

or wanted to share them with the world. Snapchat pictures are safe within Snapchat and are

not accessible to any third party without the consent of the user. Thus, all these claims prove

to be ‘rumors’.

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