nips-The Every Time Surprising App – Snapchat:-

Snapcaht is a videos and photos sending app. It was founded by Evan Speigel, Bobby Murphy

and Reggie Brown the then Stanford University students. They created it as a part of their final

year project. They first launched Snapchat under the name of “Picaboo” but later modified it,

renamed it, and relaunched under the name of “Snapchat”. From then on there was no looking

back for them. With time passing by Snapchat became popular day by day. With more and more

people joining the Snapchat community it took over the world by a storm. Recent study

concluded that half of the photos send across the world are send through Snapchat.

Legal Issues:-

After a little period of time after its inception Snapchat founded itself in some unwanted legal

issues. A leading magazine called as “Forbes” published a report in one of its edition that photos

send through Snapchat server actually don’t get deleted from its server but just gets disappeared

from the server for a brief period of time. They also stated that these so called deleted photos can

actually be retrieved with the help of little technical knowhow. Another report also suggested

that these disappeared or deleted photos can easily be recovered with the help of right forensic

tools. All these allegations led Snapchat to the Federal Trade Commission also known as the

FTC. The FTC after through probe and inspection agreed that these allegations were all true.

They also stated that Snapchat developers use their customers personal information as their main

marketing strategy. As a consequence they imposed a heavy fine on Snapchat as a penalty for

security breach. Snapchat also faces a privacy monitoring for 20long years.

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Snapchat’s Take On The Legal Isuues:-

After staying in the lime light for every other unwanted reason for quite some time the

Snapchat’s Organization came up with their own explanation. In their official blog they stated

that snaps send through server don’t actually get deleted instantly but gradually. They get deleted

after a period of some hours or within some days. They also stated that all the sent snaps which

the recipient hasn’t checked or hasn’t viewed stays on the server for a period of 30 days, after

which they too get deleted from the company’s server. The Snapchat developers didn’t rule out

the possibility of the snaps being retrieved by the hackers with use of proper forensic tools. The

organization assured that all the user’s personal information which they share with the company

are kept safe and secure with the company’s server. Snapchat Organization assured that the

company’s think tank and their expert software professional are working hard to create a more

efficient, safe, secure and hack proof application. After the FTC’s verdict the Snapchat Company

made major changes in their privacy policy

People’s Belief On Snapchat:-

After all these fuss created about the photo deletion claim of the Snapchat application, a leading

group of researchers published a report that despite of all these issues people are not actually

bothered about their snaps being retrieved or not. They said that people have not lost faith in this

app. And continue to use it the way, they used it before all these allegations came up.

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