Nikki larock-Evan Spiegel is now the youngest billionaire across the two spheres

The latest lists containing the name of World’s wealthiest people has published, and if we go

by the content of the report the number of the billionaires have surpassed in comparison to

the previous list. There are 1,826 billionaires across the world now and the topmost name in

the list is Bill Gates, but he is not new in the list for almost 25 years he has been staying in

the list. The founder of Minecraft has made entry in the list and Evan Spiegel the co-

originator of Snapchat has been attributed as the youngest one in the list. The list is published

by the Forbes, an American Magazine and that’s why they measured the wealth of the people

in US dollars. There are almost 197 women in the list, and according to the research the

people who are involved in the field of Technology like games, apps and website making are

occupying the largest part of the list.

How did Evan obtain the place of youngest billionaire?

Though Evan Spiegel has refused the offer of $ 3 billion but somehow he managed to make

an entry in the list by his unique marketing strategy and his sharp perspective. As per the

source this youngest billionaire has applied multiple strategies to raise a huge amount of fund

for the company and if we take the close look upon their activity list, it will be clear to us that

no stone is unturned in order to fetch more funds. They are trying heart and soul to transform

this app as the biggest platform for the marketers and that’s the USP of this app. Marketers

are day by day showing inclination towards the app for promoting the brands and this is one

of the most effective platform for attracting the teenagers as most of the users of the app are

less than 18 years in age.
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The value of Snapchat is evaluated and hoped to touch $ 19 billion after the funding


According to the report of a financial research firm the developers are employing their effort

for raising $ 500 million at the recent funding session that can amplify the worth of this

ephemeral messaging app and touch the value $ 19 billion. Though still now the company has

not give any confirmation over the news but if the news is true and the deal is accomplished

then the worth of the app will be multiplied. And according to the online experts the sole

reason behind this immense endeavor is nothing but to give a proper reply to the offer of

Facebook. The developers of Facebook try to purchase it in exchange of $ 3 billion and now

the value of the app will be $ 19 billion, what can be a better answer for that proposal.

Hence this incident is the proof often the unexpected dream can turn into reality and with

proper strategy and planning it is easy to acquire the dream and touch the level of desire.

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