With Snapchat now adding audio to the video has become hassle free by nik_football

After originating in the year 2011, through several updates Snapchat has allowed its users to

enjoy the facilities of several features and consequently the app has become more interesting to

the users. Recently Snapchat has launched a new feature that allows to include music to the

videos that are shared through the app. Snapchat is now able to record live feed of the audio or

music that will be played on the smart phone of the users when they record video. The recorded

audio will be used as the soundtrack of the video that will be shared with the friends or will be

uploaded to the “stories” profile. The feature works with music apps like Spotify, iTunes and

SoundCloud and after the origination of this feature a trend has originated. A new current of “lip-

dub” videos has emerged, it seems the trend is spreading and the users are taking pleasure to

share dubbed videos. These sorts of videos are equally funny and attractive.
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The feature is a pain in the neck for single-use applications

This feature is like a threat to the single-use apps such as Dubsmash that was attaining popularity

among the youngsters with its concentration upon lip-synching to the film quotes and music

clips. The popularity and market of Mindie is also affected by this addition as this app allow the

users to add music to their recorded video and share them though other social apps, Snapchat

was also included to the list of the social media apps but recently Snapchat has obstructed

Mindie from its API.

It has become an endorsing platform for both the greenhorns and popular music artists

Slowly Snapchat is becoming an all-inclusive social media app which will be self-sufficient due

to the extension of multiple features. This latest features is just an experimentation of Snapchat’s

programmers with music. Warner Music Group was the launch associate of Snapchat for the

“Discover” section. Due to its growing popularity Madonna had chosen it to launch her latest

music video. Apart from that Snapchat has endorsed new artists such as Guards, Smallpools and

Goldrooms while introducing feature “tap to buy”, a features that allows the artists to send their

admirers to their iTunes page. The leaked emails from Sony Pictures simply suggests that

Snapchat’s CEO has greater goal in the digital music world, possibly even introducing Snapchat

record label to endorse more promising artists.

In such provisos now Snapchat is looking forward to observe how the users utilize and respond

to the latest feature and how the users utilize this platform to show their talents as well as

creativity. Depending upon the line of the users’s utilization curves the next relevant program

will be crafted. And it can be hoped that Snapchat will receive optimistic response from its users

and like their previous ventures this one will be also a hit. The feature is simply spectacular, the

more you will use it, the more you will love it, as said by one of the user of this popular

ephemeral messaging app.

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