Gets Hacked and Snapchat User’s Private Images Emerges On Internet

Snapchat users had long been using the services of the third-party apps and web clients to

save their images and videos received and sent from the Snapchat. One such web client is which allowed its users to save the images and videos sent via the Snapchat.

Suddenly it has claimed that its servers were hacked by a group of hackers and they even

managed to get away with 500 MB of images from its database.

Information is a viable piece in the landscape of the Internet. People connect with internet to

collect and share information. In casual general occurrences people want the information to

share among their closed people, friends, relatives or the people they authorize to see the

content. As they trust the application or the platform so they have the feeling that there

content is safe and not exposed to the public. Application manufacturer also tries to enforce

policy restrictions to protect the contents of the end-user and safe-guarding the content from

its malicious use.

How Much Snaps Were At Stake?

This lesser known website has updated it Facebook status with the claim of getting snubbed

by the hackers and losing thousands of images of the Snapchat users. In the past days reports

had also came in from different corner which stated that the hackers were preparing to

unleash about 13 GB of private image data of the Snapchat users. The hackers are about to

upload a torrent of stolen photos which would be available in the public domain in a form of

an indexed online database. The majority of the images are expected to be the private and

intimate pictures of the minors.



How Snapchat Works?

Snapchat is a highly popular messaging app among the teenagers which promises to provide

disappearing images and videos to its users. The images and videos shared on this platform

subsequently get deleted after twenty-four hours interval.

What Led To This Photo Leak?

However Snapchat users has resorted to special websites and third-party apps like to save their precious images which they had either sent or received via

Snapchat app without the knowledge of the sender as well the coveted Snapchat.

Snapchat had blamed the third-party apps and web clients for the photo leak. Snapsaved had

apologised on the social media for this debacle and even deleted its entire website and

database once the intrusion was discovered.

Snapsaved Declare the ‘Snappening’ As Hoax says that the hacker’s threat of posting anonymously on online forums a

barrage of intimate and provocative images is overstated. It even states that the hype created

behind this photo leakage by media and especially dubbing it as ‘snappening’ is nothing

more than just a hoax.

Snapchat had cleared itself away from this debacle by posting an update on the social media

platform which declares that it has not been hacked nor do these images originate its

database. Snapchat has also drubbed the rumours surrounding the snappening as hoax. It

further states that the hackers don’t have enough information to live up with their falsified

claims of creating any searchable database. However it is bit unclear why Snapsaved thought

the threat was hoax or how it knew whether Snapchat security has been compromised or not.

Photo leakage could diminish the popularity of the Snapchat which is one of the fastest

growing apps and competes with Facebook and Twitter. Snapchat is currently trying to raise

money through funding round which would give it a $10 billion evaluation.

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