The monetization features of Snapchat – how they can work?-nice work hacker find a Snapchat vulnerability and exposed

How Snapchat can make money when it erases the photos within 10 seconds of sending, is the

question for many. Neither Snapchat doesn’t sell its users-data to marketers nor is it going to

charge money to the Snapchat-ers – as the CEO Evan Spiegel told on various occasions.
Nice Work Hacker Find A Snapchat Vulnerability And ExposedNice Work Hacker Find A Snapchat Vulnerability And Exposed

The changing behavior of users

The other USP of Snapchat is that the gen-next is no longer interested in gluing to the social

network giants like Facebook and Twitter. Their attention span is extremely short and suiting

it, they need a digital platform that gives them funny and temporary ways to connect with their

friends, share the contents, and then quickly moving to the next. This young segment of users

is the target for any brand with long-term vision and what is the best way to connect with them

other than the iOs messaging app Snapchat?

Why is equally monetarily enticing to an advertiser? is one of the coolest social media platforms that give a chance to the

Snapchat users who otherwise feel a little sadness about the temporality of the images of

Snapchat, to preserve their images, texts and videos in a more long-lasting way to share with the

friends on a daily basis, and also to make new friends.

With the growing popularity of among the young users, it’s time marketers

should sit up and take notice of the potential of to be a mass social networking

site for photo-sharing.

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