Nice Rack I want to find a friend to chat-What should I do if my Snapchat account is hacked?

Snapchat is well-liked Android as well as iOS application, especially among the younger

users and also has superfluous reputation for being the platform of sharing sexual content.

The app allows the users to share snaps, videos as well as messages and Snapchat states that

those are vanished within 10 seconds or less than that once they are viewed. But recently the

apps were hacked and the personal informations of the users came out.

In this era of surging technology everyday new aspects, tools and devices are being launched,

some of them are for serving good means and few of them are for fulfilling bad means. With

the increasing wave of unethical hackers it is quite hard to keep the online activities secret,

at any moment those information can be hacked and utilized for serving bad means. Though

Snapchat is now quite strict about the security of information of the users, but no one can

provide you a guarantee card of complete security as mishap can occurred at any moments

and that can be happened to anyone. Hence the users must be alert all the time and if they

ever find any queer activities he must attempt some initial task to safeguard his account from

the ruthless activities of the hackers.Nice Rack I Want To Find A Friend To ChatNice Rack I Want To Find A Friend To Chat Amazing Rack !

What are the signs of hacked profile?

Though it is not guaranteed that in every cases the signs would be same, but in most of the

spectrum things can be more or less same. Even sometimes you may not notice any sort

of weird activities as the hackers are sometimes too smart to be caught. Inspite of that the

common signs of hacked accounts are discussed here for the knowledge of the users.

• If any sort of spa messages are sent from your account without your knowledge.

• If the users are alerted that someone else has tried to access to the account from any

different device or IP address.

• If you are being asked to re-login into the app continuously.

• Without your acknowledgement or permission if contacts are added to your accounts.

• If the email address or the phone number associated with your account is changed

without your acknowledgement or consent.

What should the users do if they find that their account is hacked?

If you believe that the security of your account is compromised then immediately you should

change your password of the account and after that log out from the app and reenter into it.

And also verify that the associated phone number and email address are same and accurate

from the Snapchat setting option. You are advised to insert a complex passwords comprising

of at least 8 characters with a mix of symbols, numbers and lowercase and capital letters.

If you use the same password for any other service as well you are requested to change the

password. If the hackers manage to access into one account he can also gain access to your

others service with ease if you are using the same passwords.

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