Everybody needs to make money including Snapchat!-nice or not

When Snapchat turned down the $3 billion acquisition proposal from Facebook last

year, the tech-industry threw catcalls towards the young start-up. In its short career span

of 3 years, Snapchat has been shrouded in curiosity of trade-pundits and users alike,

for many of its aspects. Firstly, they product it offered i.e.‘disappearing’ Snapchat

picturesraised eyebrows of many, as nobody understood how the ephemeral nature of

Snapchat picturescould entice the broad and ambitious user-base Snapchat is targeting –

the teenagers across the world.

What powered Snapchat to take up rivalry with Facebook

The next bone of contention for Snapchat among trade-critiques was – how the

revenue-less Snapchat could earn money as it royally snubbed the ‘big daddy’ of social

networking sites– Facebook, by rejecting the latter’s offer with equal brashness and

arrogance that only youth can manage to show.

The first doubt proved pointless- if we just check the statistics of Snaps being exchanged

daily and i.e. a whopping 700 million per day. Added with that, if we count the 500

million times view of Snapchat stories per day, one can say without battling an eyelid that

Snapchat – the messaging app, can take on with any major social networking sites head-

In case of the second query on how Snapchat could earn money that was puzzling

hundreds of minds so far, eventually put to rest when, in the first part of October 2014,

Snapchat-CEO Evan Spiegel addressed in the Vanity Fair tech conference in San

Francisco and clearly stated that Snapchat is planning to be a bigger and independent

conglomerate, and in order to do so, it’s planning to raise money by sponsored content

and ads. Though this move from Snapchat was unexpected so far, but Evan Spiegel made

it crystal clear in his speech that the app needs moolah to improve its services.
Nice Or NotNice Or Not

Why Snapchat plunging into advertisements came as surprising to many?

Because unlike Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat doesn’t collect as much data from it’s

users as can make the sponsors happy.Also in it’s blog, Snapchat posted the nature of

the ads it’s going to post. The ads will appear in the ‘ Recent Updates’ section of the app

where the Snapchat stories mainly come. The users will not be forced to see any ad but

they can’t block the ad either. The ads will remain visible till the user views it or for 24

hours maximum. Each ad will be of fleeting nature like the duration would be for close to

20 seconds.

Already,companies like Taco Bell, GE have boarded the band of sponsors who expressed

interest in Snapchat ads, and the messaging app has just started it’s journey into making

money by showing a 20-second clippings of upcoming horror movie ‘Ouija’.

But the glitches that may crop up in the future are-

• Snapchat will not use any ads in the personal communications of a user where in

Facebook;those ads are integral part of the main page of any profile.

• Snapchat assures that the ads will be informative and funny but the question

remains- in a jostling market place, how much ‘infotainment ‘- a 20-second ad

can offer?

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