Nice lipstick, like mine-Snapchat Set To Bring Disappearing News Feature

Snapchat Inc is a well known developer of the hugely popular mobile app which lets the

users to send and receive messages and videos that disappears within few seconds. For quite

some time Snapchat was looking for ways to generate revenue through expanding its service

to news articles, videos and advertisements. The California based new start-up is in serious

talks with advertisers and media houses to bring about a service which is tentatively titled

‘Snapchat Discovery’. Snapchat Discovery is expected to debut in the month of November

and it will provide the Snapchat users with news content and ads in an aesthetic way.

Snapchat Set To Bring Its First Revenue

Snapchat’s instant messaging service with disappearing photo feature is being used by

around 27 million people globally. It is a free to download and operate mobile application

without any monetization at all. As of now it has not made any revenue to its developers and

investors in any way. Hence Snapchat is going to introduce the new news service with

accompanying ads to generate some viable revenueNice Lipstick, Like MineNice lipstick, like mine

Snapchat Discovery Would Be Interactive and Entertaining

The unique feature of ‘disappearing’ within seconds of viewing had been kept infused even in

the Snapchat Discovery. Snapchat Discovery would allow the users to read new articles and

watch videos and clips from movie and TV show by holding their finger on the screen just as

they do from the messages. Once lifting the finger these media snippets would disappear like

the photos on Snapchat.

Snachat has reported that more than a dozen media companies had shown active interest in

providing content for the Snapchat Discovery. MailOnline which is the website of the

popular British newspaper called Daily Mail would soon be publishing its articles on the

Snapchat Discovery.

Snapchat To Grow Stronger With News Service

Snapchat is expected to firm its roots in the social media apps field with the Snapchat

discovery. Currently it is giving stiff competition to the social media giant Facebook and

popular messaging app WhatsApp with the amount users its creating on the monthly basis.

Snapchat had successfully raised funding at a valuation of more than $2 billion last year. It is

interesting to note that the Snapchat had snubbed the $3 billion offer from the Facebook Inc


Snapchat is widely used by the teenagers and its main user base is among the age group of

13-17 years. Advertisers understand the potential which Snapchat offers in terms of

presenting their content to the 27 million active users. Snapchat is also very keen at not

forcing the advertisements and news content upon its users by creating the disappearing news


Snapchat has done all the hard work of introducing its younger audience with an innovative

news service. Now it depend on the users whether they would be delighted by this

disappearing news service or they would snub it like it was never there. It would be

interesting to see the younger folks reading news than just sending selfies or indulging in

private gossips.

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