Nice – The app snapchat is better than any other social networking sited to connect with friends and family

Snapchat has broken a new ground for the new generation. This generation is always upto

clicking photos and uploading them on special networking sites. This photo sharing on the social

networking sites makes the patents of the kids and teenagers a little bit worried about their

privacy and security. When parents ask them to stop this, they get vulnerable. Now no one can

stop the kids from doing what they like to do and feel happy to do. This has been a topic of

everyone’s discuss but no one could reach nowhere. And at this peak hour of crisis, snap chat

made its entry into the life of kids, teenagers and young adults.
SnapChat Girls

Parents have agreed to let their kids to use the app:

Ever since the time the app snapchat has come into the field, the scenario has been changed a

lot. Now parents are permitting their kids to do share their photos with their friends since they

have nothing to worry about. And let us see what is that this that makes the parents convinced

about snapchatting is free of risk and their kids are safe. Actually this app has a special feature in

its system and that is, when the kids or anyone is sharing his or her photo on the app, they have

to set a limit of the time. And after the time has come, the photos and the videos will be deleted

automatically. Previously, there was a risk that when someone is sharing the picture with a friend

or with a stranger as to make new friends on snap chat, there was a glaring risk that the photo

would be stolen and the photo would be misused. But in the case of snapchat, the risk is quite

low since when the recipient is trying to taking a screen shot, an alert will be delivered to the

sender. So the recipient might not be able to take a screen shot and not to circulate it everywhere

on the internet.

The app is secure way to share photos:

The photos and the videos usually get deleted after 1 second, 2 second, 5 seconds or it can be

extended to 10 seconds. A survey says that this application is quite safer than other social media

sites for sharing the picture and the videos. And the rate, by which the sexting is increasing, it is

a matter to worry about. But as the application comes with such amazing features, there is a low

risk of such potential dangers caused by sexting and all. The kids are addicted to using it just

because of the reasons that this application is so amazingly well secured and handled by the team

snapchat. This app is always better for using and sharing phots than any other social networking

site. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to sharing your emotions with your near and

dear ones and be a part of their life no matter where you are, this app is a surest and safest way to


snap chat