SnapChat – New Milestone in Social Networking-next new update for snapchat app for google play

A trend has been seen recently among teenagers. At first words were mainly the tools to

convey messages in social networking sites. But now it can be noticed that more and more

teens are using pictures to convey their thought and messages in the social networking sites.

There in this world where sites like Facebook and Twitter are conquering the market of social

networking an image sharing messaging app is making its way to the top.

next new update for snapchat app for google play
next new update for snapchat app for google play

About The Developing Team

Evan Spielberg is not the only developer of the famous application. Reggie Brown and Evan

Spielberg together made this application as a project for one their classes. At first people

really did not get what is SnapChat. Because at that time the idea of messaging through

pictures was completely unknown and the idea was pretty unique. When the two developers

found the authenticity of the idea they needed an expert programmer who could programme

the application and make it more efficient. There Bobby Murphy was introduced and the now

there are 3 developers for the application.

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