New Snapchat emoji system

One of the very commendable aspects of the snapchat developing team is its willingness to

recognize and change the features in their app that is not going down well with its audience.

Only recently, they have gotten rid of one such feature which was creating unnecessary tension

and controversy among its users. Instead of the BFF list that was available for the full view of

the public, they now have introduced a more efficient way of keeping track with whom you

frequently chat with and who all are not your closest buddies. They have taken the concept of

emojis and molded it in a way that indicates what kind of friend each chatting buddy in your

snap chat list is. Moreover, this list is private and can only be viewed by the one on whose

device the list exists. Hence, there would be no more sarcasm, tiffs and miscommunication

between friends over who is closer to you than others.
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The app called snapchat has a real rags-to-riches story as how it has evolved over the years to

become one of the most loved and sought after social application in today’s times. While it

started out initially as a disgraced app that encouraged “sexting” among teenagers, it has

gradually grown to become a global medium of news and information. The hovering emblem of

a white ghost on a yellow backdrop has become iconic and a well recognized symbol among its

100 million users whose life now revolves around this app. The trick to keeping snapchat fresh

and exciting among its many increasing users is the constant updating and adding of new

impressive add-ons which are being religiously done by the app developers.

Some people preferring the old emoji list

While there were people who were happy with the doing away of the BFF list, it does not mean

that snap chat did not have to digest some of the backlash that came from people who adored the

BFF list. According these fans of the old method, they loved the idea of finding out with whom

they are building up chemistry by looking at the list and also indirect the way to break up with

someone deliberately by letting them see how low they ranked on the list. If this is not diabolical

enough, there are yet some who claim that the list was their way of spying on their boyfriends

and girlfriends to find out if they are chatting with significant others more than them.

Emojis are a way to brainwash?

While users might be in love with the newly launched concept of identifying friends with emojis

experts are of the opinion that snap chat actually as an ulterior motive behind it all. As the

system is based on the number of images or snaps that you send to each of your friend,

rewarding you with the right emojis when you do, it has almost a psychological impact on

people’s minds to keep up the pretence of sending pictures even when they don’t want to,

because of the sheer satisfaction of seeing positive emojis show up beside their friend’s name.

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