new photos of miley cyrus snapchats update

Funny ideas on Snapchat

These funny out of the box ideas will surely bring a smile on the face of your friends and make

the platform of Snapchat innovative and enjoyable.

• Edit snaps with special effects

If any of your friends is angry with you, you can try this trick to make your friend smile.

They might get mad on you but cannot resist the laughter. You can funny things on your

friend’s snap using some special effects to make it look funny. If you are worried that

you cannot draw well then stop thinking about that as your friend might also be aware of


• Snap funny taglines

Remember the golden rule that when words fail to generate laughter, pictures can. It’s

not necessary that you have to always snap yourself or capture your funny expressions

with a camera. So, why don’t you send the pictures of funny tagline from advertisements

to express what you want to say? You can depict your sense of humor through pictures

as well. For example, if your friend complains of a stalker, you can snap the tagline of a

gum company like “it’s a sticky situation”. Your friend will forget her worries and start

laughing on the spot.

new photos of miley cyrus snapchats update

new photos of miley cyrus snapchats update

• Take a screenshot of the funny lyrics

It is said that songs express the inner thoughts of the mind. Then you can make the most

of the lyrics of funny songs. You will find a plenty of them online. Just take a screenshot

of the funny lyrics and send it to them.

• Snap it with a pun

You can express your thoughts using a pun. If you are fond of using pun then snap the

pun and send it to your friend. Your friend will surely appreciate your sense of humor

after understanding your pun but if our friend fails to understand that, you can easily snap

a fused bulb and send it to him or her with a text saying, “light the bulb of your brain”.

• Snap something but mean something else

Take a snap of beautiful scenery and add your sense of humor through a text. Try saying

something funky and crazy which your friends cannot imagine the picture can depict.

For example, instead of snapping a sunrise and captioning it with good morning, you can

send the snap of a mad man to your friends and wish them a “mad morning”. They might

think you to be insane but will surely love your funky idea.


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