i hate monkey -get off of me animals-All You Need to Know about Snapchat and its Hackers

Snapchat is among the most popular social networking apps. It is a photo sharing app; the users

can share picture, videos and messages with their friends through this app. The objects get

shared in this app are called the snaps. For sharing a snap with the friends the user needs to select

time, he/ she can select time from one to ten seconds. The receiver of the snap will be allowed to

see the snap only for this selected seconds, after that this will be disappeared automatically.

Everybody can use this social networking app, there is no age bar for the users, and they can

share any objects they want to.

Snapchat and its use

The users are engage in sharing any object they want to share with their Snapchat friends. Some

share their private pictures and videos. Love pictures, intimate videos and explicit objects often

get shared by the users. And those cause the Snapchat leak. The hackers get insisted by those

adult objects, and they get engaged in hacking those explicit objects. Those pictures and

Snapchat videos get spread by those hackers; they do this work for money or fun or for some

other purposes. But thus the privacy of the millions of users gets disclosed, so, this app is no

more safe as it can’t secure the privacy of the users. Some days ago the hackers had disclosed

almost 200,000 private pictures through ’The Fappening’, in which there were also nude pictures

and selfies of some celebrities. The hackers are now threatening for their next operation named

‘The Snapping’. Some sources are saying that The Snapping could be more dangerous than ‘The

Snapping’. So, this app can’t protect the privacy of the users, and for that the users are frightened

for using this.New Brrrai hate monkey -get off of me animals

Involvement of thirds party apps

There are also some third party apps those are allowing the users to take screenshots. The third

party apps like Snapkeep, Snapspy, Snapbox etc. are involved in this activity. The users can

easily take the screenshots of any pictures they want by those third party apps. This is not the

purpose of the Snapchat app. According to the terms and conditions of Snapchat this is not

legal. Some users are involved in this, and they are taking the screenshots of their friends’

pictures. And thus the explicit private pictures are getting disclosed.

The Snapchat authority has claimed that their server was not hacked, there are some third party

apps those are behind this Snapchat leak. They have accused Snapsave and Snapsaved. com for

this third party involvement. But both of these two companies have denied this blame. But the

fact is that the server of the Snapchat app has been hacked, and some sources are saying that it

was hacked for several times. And thus the private pictures are getting disclosed. Snapchat is

now taking some steps to strict the security of the privacy of the users. But the users have to be

responsible for using this app, before sharing a private picture they need to think about its future.

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