New bra Snapchat The Revolutionary App

In today’s world social networking has become a part of human life. Especially, for youth generation it’s a thing without which they can’t live. Like many other social networking applications Snapchat is also another impressive inclusion to this social networking family.
Is it good or bad?
Snapchat, an application which helps you to take photos, record videos, add texts and send them to your friends as well as family. This mobile application runs in android mobile phones as well as in iOS for Apple based devices. The programmer trio of Stand Ford University Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, created this application named Snapchat, when they were just students. This application also helps user to set duration of time between 1 to 10 seconds in which receiver (also known as snap) can view it, after that the image will be deleted from receivers’ device.


Snapchat has several advantages like, user can add filter to his photos, and also can talk to his family and friends. It is also providing security to his users, as user can set the time limit after which the private photos will be deleted from receivers’ device. Developers explained that this application intended to counteract the trend of users of it being compelled to manage an idealized online identity for their own purpose. As people seemed to lost trust from social networking because of fake identities.
Meanwhile, some people said that anyone can take screenshot easily in that period of time. But Snapchat developers also have solution to this problem. The receiver needs to maintain the touch to view the image; therefore it is not possible to take screenshot on that way. There are still some issues on the user privacy. Like, anyone can take photos of that from any other devices but the developers are working on it.
This application also helps user to record vedio and shares them with friends. But, some users have registered interruption while playing the video. Developers have mentioned that as a server problem and soon be fixed. Snapchat developers have also included the emoji icons, so that the users can now also send these icons while chatting and find it more interesting.

Other Information

This application is increasing its users day by day. The application is downloaded everyday by many people worldwide from Google play and many other sites. Eighty percent of its users are from United States of America. People of age group 13 to 25 are using it mostly. The success of this application is achieved not only because of its user privacy, also because people finding it funny. The application is available in several languages like English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese and others.
Snapchat revealed that its users sharing 60 million messages daily and 700 million photos per day. Because, of this many marketing brands are using this application to promote their product and its features attracting people. Snapchat promises more in coming years for its users. Developers are working very hard to update the present version of the application.

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