Nemos dad is like a Disney fish

If you have not yet used this cool app and want to know how to use it, do not worry. It is not a

rocket science, rather it is so easy to use, that the age limit to use this app is 13 years only. It’s

easy to use features have convinced its developers that anyone who is 13 or above can handle the


Nemos dad is like a Disney fish

Nemos dad is like a Disney fish

Add Contacts:

Once you have finished signing up for Snapchat app, add contacts with whom you would like

to share you snaps. You can also link your contacts with this app which will make adding friend

easy. Once you have added contacts move to the next step.

Starting Snapping:

Once you are done with the previous step, you are ready to start snapping on snapchat app.

Once you open the app, it will open straight to you camera. Take a picture, and it will ask you if

you want to do some drawing or add caption to it. Add whatever you want and next it will ask

you to set a timer. As of now, you can set time from 1second to 10 seconds. Once done, select

whom you want to send and click send. That it, Snap sent.


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