NEISH -send a snap chat right pose -what is the app snapchat hack photos-Snapchat Hackers Spreading Explicit Pictures Online

Snapchat has placed itself among the top apps in the planet for its popularity. Users are

running for it as it is a very strong photo messaging app. By using the snapchat app the users

can share pictures, videos and messages. The objects that shared in this app are called snap.

People share their pictures of memorable moments with their friends through this app; they

can also send snapchat video and photo messages. They can check their friends picture.

The user set a time of few seconds for the duration of his snap, and the recipient can see the

object only for this selected duration and after that the object disappear automatically from

the app. A report says that in this year millions of users are taking this app as a stronger app

to share emotions. You can share the pictures of your happy moment with your friends

through snapchat app. But sometimes the users take it in wrong way; they share their love

pictures, intimate or nude pictures with their friends. Sometimes this nudity causes the

snapchat leak, and then the sharer of those controversial snaps gets shocked by viewing their

own intimate images on other websites.NEISH -send A Snap Chat Right Pose -what Is The App Snapchat Hack PhotosNEISH -send A Snap Chat Right Pose -what Is The App Snapchat Hack Photos -neish is quite hot with her new glasses. :) she will hate me for this

Snapchat is hacked

Sometimes hackers or some third party users hack the app in bad purpose, they are able to do

it because the app is failed to create an API security. For that snapchat has been hacking by

various hackers. They are taking all the private snaps from snapchat server, spreading it on

various websites for money, momentary pleasure or for some another reason. Sometimes the

hackers are hacking the accounts of some individual users’ and taking private snaps, then

those snaps have been using in ill purposes. There are various apps available in the market

that is able to take screenshots from Snapchat. Snapkeep, SnapSpy, SnapBox are those types

of apps which allow to take screenshots from the app. By using one of those app one can save

easily what he wants from snapchat app. So, all the privacy are now disclosed by those app.

Those users who share intimate pictures and private snaps in the app are now in great danger.

Hackers can use their love pictures any time; they can make your privet thing public.

Week security

The Snapchat authority claims that their server is hacked and for that all the private snaps are

saved by those hackers. But it is now proved that the internal security system of the app is

very week and for that the hackers are able to do such. Snapchat has no stronger process to

control those hackers. The app cannot do anything to protect its users from public disclose.

The users, who are using this app for sharing their feelings, have to be more responsible in

sharing their snaps. Some experts say that the under aged teens of United States use this app

in wrong way; they shares their intimate pictures with their close friends. Those snaps insist

the hackers most. So, for using this app you have to be more conscious about your snaps and

your friends. If you use this like a responsible user, the hackers will not get any interest in

doing wrong.

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