An Amazing Android Application Snapchat – Need sexy girls

Nowadays snapchat is one of the most famous and also amazing video messaging

applications. We can take photos, videos, can add text, and also can drawing. We

can send those to recipients to whom we want to send. This fabulous android

application was invented by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown and the

credit also goes to the Stanford University’s students. It was initially released on

2011. The captured pictures and videos are called as snaps. Users can controlled

which pictures will be hidden or shown. They can also delete pictures from

snapchat’s servers.
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Features of snapchat:- The recipient can maintain contact with the touch screen

devices. They can also take screenshot of recieved snaps. If a recipient takes a

screenshot of recieved pictures then snapchat will notify the sending user. Users can

also ignore this feature by taking snaps another phone camera or disabling the

notification function. Users can set time that how long can see images or videos.

Videos or images will automatically delete from device and servers that after set time.

User can take screenshots.

My story is one of the features of snapchat. This feature was launched on October,

2013. They also released the corresponding videos with the name as “it’s about

time”. Users can make their own video with this feature and can share with their


New messaging and video chat features were added to snapchat on May, 2014.

Users can send text messages to other user and they can save text to click on it.

User can see a blue bubble on chat window. That mean it informs a user that another

user is online and busy in video chat.

Snapcash is another feature. Through this feature a user can send money to their

snapchat friends. This feature allows people to enter their debit card payment

securely. Their friends have a message that a dollar amount to be directly deposited

to the recipient’s bank account.

On January, 2015 snapchat added a new feature named ” Best Friend” . User can

consume text and videos with various editing teams. But this feature was removed.

But on April it was again updated this with emoji icons.

Privacy and Security of snapchat:- and Gibson security published a

report on 2013 and then the concern of privacy and security was raised. Gibson

security brings some exploits to the attention of snapchat in August, 2013. This news

was published on December, 2013. But snapchat authority did not give any

response and also the exploits were not traced. Snapchat modified privacy policy

was updated in 2014.

This app’s actual demographic is based on 13-23 years of people. Users can send selfies. Maximum of photos are sent to groups.

Maximum of users of the app belong from U.S. Taco Bell, Karmaloop, 16 handles

were published snapchat’s marketing potential. This app was also identified as early


University of Washington did a survey why people use this app. Though it has a

sensitive content named sexting which is mainly use for sexual content but user can

use this app for various creative purposes. This application is not famous for its

security; it is famous because users found it to be fun.

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