Snapchat is not about sexting- so says co-founder Evan Spiegel-need a loans or grant to make it big leak rate

With the advent of instant messaging platforms like Snapchat- lies the risqué of involving sex.

If you are a techie start-up and your prime target group is the youngsters around the world, then

associating ‘racy’ things with your messaging app can have a negative effect. But a messaging

app which is particularly new in the market, wouldn’t take any risk to advertise the app as a

medium of sexting, and turning down a large part of family audience or users.
Need A Loans Or Grant To Make It Big Leak RateNeed A Loans Or Grant To Make It Big Leak Rate

Why Snapchat earned the infamy of sexting?

The unique selling point of Snapchat is that it doesn’t keep images for more than ten seconds. So

those who love to portray their instantaneous slices of life, Snapchat is the ideal app for them.

You can doodle with your Snapchat images; put texts in them or videos. But for many, Snapchat

has been associated with sending bold texts and nude images to others.

If we take into account- the question of morality, the vulnerable user segment of Snapchat

involving the teenagers, and the belief of the parents who unassumingly let their kids use this

unique photo-sharing app- then the charge that Snapchat evokes sexting heavily is a serious one;

which can be damaging for the brand’s reputation.

The screenshot feature can make things messy

Also Snapchat has the option of taking screenshots of the messages you have received, and let

the sender notify instantly about this. So far it sounds alright. But the problem lies in various

bypass ways through which, a person can take screenshots of your content before it gets deleted

within 10 seconds, and you won’t even be notified about it. It also violates the trust of some

people about the image of Snapchat- as a clean and fun messaging app.

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