SNAPCHAT provides you an amazing facility of total user privacy. In this application user can take photos (also known as SNAP) and share them to their friends and family. Most importantly user sending the snap or the image can set a timer (in range of 1 to 10 seconds). Like, the snap will be delivered and the receiver will be able to see that for few seconds and after that it will be disappeared from receivers’ device. Some of the internet people have said that, the images do not disappear. It can be retrieved with the help of internet. SNAPCHAT developers have said that the snaps are uploaded in their servers but not stored so the user privacy is maintained.

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Some people have raised the question that, people can also take screenshots of the snaps. But SNAPCHAT developers have also kept that in mind. Now to watch the images user must have to maintain touch with the screen and it is impossible to take screenshot on that way. But it is possible to take images from different devices. Well, the programmers are working on that problem.
This application also helps to recor vedios and shares them with your friends and family. Now you can record anything, any moment that is special to you and share them. Some of the users have asked to improve the servers as the videos interrupt a bit, but other than that people are loving this new social networking application. Developers have also included the Emoji icons as well, which makes this application more fun.



In today’s world people cannot think their life without internet. It has an answer of every question. We use it in education as well as in communicating with our friends. And as we talk about communication applications like Facebook, Whatsapp and others are available on internet.
SNAPCHAT is a similar application. This video messaging application is used quite a lot these days by people. Three students of Stand Ford University Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown created this application. This unique application helps you to take photos, record videos and maintains user privacy as well. This application is the latest inclusion in this social networking world. This application is available on android as well as ios for apple devices. This application is also avialble in several languages other than English.

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