Upgradations a path of success for Snapchat

There is an old and true proverb saying “Change is the only constant in this world”. And

Snapchat is one of the apps that are following the type of tradition as claimed in the proverb. It

is a social media app that is constantly upgrading its tally of features, with new, unique and user-
friendly ways of connecting the youth.

And these features can be mainly of two types, one is the primary feature and the second one

refers to the secondary feature. In the case of Snapchat both the tally of features has been

upgraded, but the upgradations are more visible with the secondary feature than the primary one.

Uprgradation of Primary feature of Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps to the youth of the present generation,

whose primary aim were transferring of the photos, videos and instant messages at first. All

these pictures, messages and videos that are shared with them people within the friend circle are

called snaps. And all these snaps can be seen for a stipulated time of maximum 10 seconds after

which the people will not find the same on his device. Where do these Snaps go? These Snaps

are then registered into the original server of the app.

But recently an upgradtion was made into the pile of primary features, with the introduction

of Voice message transferring ability of the app. This change has confirmed that Snap chat is

complete media file sender package.

Upgradition of secondary feature

Secondary feature of any app has no such limits, and in case of Snapchat it is also the same.

This secondary feature of the app is constantly upgradation and making news. And the most

recent upgradtions are:

• Snapchat’s discovery is one of the upgradation that has taken everybody by surprise,

with such a unique set of ideas. Discovery feature of the app is said to promote the

advertisement, entertainment and news also. And with the inclusion of news Snapchat is

paving its path to earn huge revenue. And it is in rumors that the authority of the app is

having talks with the modern media giants for providing news in this section. As youth

gets the lion’s share of the popularity of this app, it is sure that with the inclusion of news

the youth will be attracted towards the news more. Moreover, this will allow them to

check the news on the go and even when they are socializing.

• Our story section is one of the recent section inclusions to the charts of secondary

features, which will provide a blog style representation of the live programs. And live

shows are one of the most liked events by the youth. Our story section will allow them to

get a glimpse without even being there personally.

• Geo-filters are also among the new innovative features which provide a graphical selfie

picture. This type of feature was at first available to be used, by the people of the Los

Angles. But recently people are allows to make the graphics with their own ideas which

will have to approved by the authority of the Snapchat.

All these features of primary and secondary are one of the prime reasons for the popularity of the


snap chat