Namelesslorena-The Gen-Next App Snapchat

Snapchat is a video sending application. It was founded by the then Stanford University students

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy as final year project. It was primarily an application that could

send photos or videos to any member on the contact list. It was made to have fun. There are

some many special features that make you think that the fun is never ending. The user or the

sender can set a time limit during which only the recipient can view the photos after the expiry of

the set time limit the pictures get hidden from the recipient’s device and then later gets deleted

from the company’s server. If the photos have not been viewed by the recipient then they stay on

the company’s server for a period of 30 days. And as for the videos they have the liberty to seen

as many times as possible during a time interval of 24 hours after which they to get deleted. The

photos which we send are known as snaps.

Misuses Of Snapchat:-

But the claim of the Snapchat organization that the snaps get deleted after viewing came under

the scanner as a leading magazine published reports that the so called deleted snaps can be

retrieved by a little of technical knowledge. They also stated that with the use of proper forensic

tools the deleted snaps and other personal data can easily be downloaded. A well known security

organization also published that there are a few user names with which one can easily have

access to user call numbers and also have access to the user contact list. This led to the bulk

downloading of user’s personal information. Apart from these Snapchat has also been used for

what we know as sexting, as quite a majority of people have admitted of using Snapchat for

sexting. Sexting is the sending of various vulgar snaps often for their own personal reasons or for

insulting others. This vulgar contents contain sex pictures, pornographic pictures, pornographic

videos and not to forget other nude pictures. There are also reports that a few people have

complained that they have received vulgar contents and contents from people whom they don’t

even know and they are not also in their contact list.

Apart from these serious claims snapchat also has many fun things to offer. They have a sticker

feature which helps to depict almost all of the human expression heard off or felt. Right starting

from birthday, anniversary stickers this features has stickers to wish good morning, night

afternoon also. Love confessing stickers, to heartbroken stickers, sex stickers and also nude girl’s

stickers. In addition to these sticker features Snapchat also has a feature known as the clipart.

This clipart feature enables you to edit your pictures and make your own stylish selfies. With the

help of clipart one can get rid of the unwanted surrounding pictures and make your picture looks

like picture perfect.

Although Snapchat has many features which can spoil the children from a very young age. It is

the responsibility of the parents to see that their child uses the application in the manner which it

is meant to be. Leaving the children at the mercy of Snapchat and blaming the organization

afterwards won’t help any body.

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