Snapchat- The photo and video messaging application which landed on the online scene in 2011 has become a great rage among teenagers. This messaging portal which gives you an opportunity to connect with your friends through video and photo messages, where the photos stay on visual display as per time frame mentioned by you, from 1 to 10 sec.


As every coin has two sides, similarly Snapchat also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Snapchat has managed to reach a coveted stage in the digital arena at a fast pace. At the same time a lot of experts are questioning its various claims in regards to privacy protection policy which it is vouching on.
Let us review the good and bad aspects of this application which has shaken the grounds for many established players:

Snapchat- A nake app

Whenever a new chapter is added to the existing book, the book gets a better appeal. SNAPCHAT when got into the scene it made messaging faster and more fun as you could write on pictures and doodle and even make a story. There are many features through which it has bought spunk to the boring messaging practice.

Advantages of snapchat are:

1. In Snapchat the photos are not saved and are self destructing within a few seconds (as per senders wish), thus things are not clogged up and is ever evolving.
2. Using Snapchat is a very simple task as this application has been formulated in a very user friendly way.
3. Youth love Snapchat because of its spontaneity, fun ways and absence of any unwanted audience.
4. This application works In compliance with the children online privacy protection act. If anyone below the age of 13 logs in, they are directed to its kid’s version “Snap Kidz”. Here adding friends and sharing photos is not allowed.
5. Snapchat has introduced its channel Snap Live and it is also featuring news channels like CNN, People. Here the editions are refreshed after 24 hours thus maintaining the distinct quality of this application.
6. Introduced creation of stories aiming at generating social awareness about various issues of national and international importance.

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