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Snapchat’s discovery helps the youth to form a social opinion

Snapchat is one fastest app of generation, and it target audience is mainly youth. And app is

upgrading its features tally according as per the need of the youth. And one such recent inclusion

to the features tally is with the app’s discovery feature, which is also a huge improvement for

the people using this app. This feature is said to have news, advertisement with a blend of

entertainment. Incorporating news and all these in the features tally Snap chat is looking to

update people with all recent stories.

Media being one of the major estates of the democracy, it is pretty clear that the people will have

less words to criticize, when they get such a facility in one of the most popular social media app.

Educating the youth

From a recent study, it is clear that the youth prefer the faster apps, and they are looking to

utilize the every second time. This feature of Snapchat discovery will be one of the apps, which

will allow users to get a taste of the news and entertainment also.

And youth being the target audience of the app, they prefer news in the digital forms more than

in the printed format. This preference is due less amount of time they have, and with a digital

format of the news they can even check it also on the go.

As a part of media, advertisement, entertainment and news is medium this makes people aware

of the present scenario. With the apps live story section, this will offer the users attending the

live event to send their pictures or videos through it. The popularity of the live concert and the

events has increased greatly among the youth and so such a section will also be a hit as suggested

in the studies.

Influential role of the youth

Youth is one section of the society which plays a deciding role in making the change and that to

happen the news is of utmost importance. Because news will the youth aware of the happenings,

which will allow forming an opinion on the basis of which the change is made.

Films and advertisement is mainly based on stories from the present context of society, which

will have an impact on the youth. To make aware of this advertisement, news and films

Snapchat has made a deliberate attempt, by upgrading its feature’s tally with the discovery app.

Youth is among the key sections of the society which needs to be aware of this situation. And

when one gets a taste of everything in a social media app, this will definitely be influential to be

updated with the recent context.

To sum up

News, entertainment and advertisement are part of the media which is considered to be the fourth

estate in the all the major popular democracies. If the social media makes a deliberate attempt to

make the target audience i.e. the youth aware with all the media contents, it will definitely have a

positive impact among the youth.

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