i love my mcdonalds smile cheese-The man who used Snapchat ‘story’ to apply for job at Snapchat

The new face of social networking media

Well, the need for social networking or being socialized is increasing day by day and is having a peak

importance in this era. Well, the smart phones have almost replaced the computers or the laptops as people

can now share snaps and other media anytime on the go. So, the other methods of social networking have been

losing a bit of their popularity. Anyways, the new cool app Snapchat has hit the social market with some of the

coolest features for the users to flaunt about. It is simply awesome and is upgrading day by day and giving the

users a better social networking experience. So, the users are also increasing and so is the popularity of the app.

You need to use the app to enjoy some of the most awesome features that will simply blow your mind.My Mcdonaldsi love my mcdonalds smile cheese

The other uses of the app

In recent times, the app has been used for a lot of other activities like appointing of employees for many jobs

like the post of a chef in any restaurant. Many employers also prefer this method as it depicts the real life

condition and the real skills in his/ her normal mode rather than the interview method. Anyways, there is also

another feature known as the Snapchat ‘story’. Now, talking about this feature of the app, you must remember

the news of Man uses Snapchat ‘story’ to apply for job at Snapchat. The person just applied for a job in

Snapchat using the ‘story’ feature of the app and is also hoping a positive response from the company. Now,

you must have heard that you need to stand out from the rest while applying for any kind of job to increase your

chances of getting it, but in this case, the man did a totally new technique and came up with a different idea

about applying for jobs. Anyways, the name of the person who came up with the extraordinary idea is Elski

Felson and he has hit the headlines for his most innovative idea. He basically applied for a position in job which

he wanted to do and in the very company which is running the app, i.e. Snapchat. So, he did use the ‘story’

feature and released the video on YouTube which also have earned a lot of views and also becoming popular

among the people as by his news regarding Man uses Snapchat ‘story’ to apply for job at Snapchat. The

man not only applied for the job but also he showed that he was outstanding in applying for the post and it

will definitely help him as he used a totally different idea. Anyways the video on YouTube contains the total

information about the man’s application and the contents of it. Now, this shows the capacity, flexibility, talent

and also experience for the job or the position he is applying for. He is just 26 years of age and though he got

no replies from Snapchat, he is still waiting patiently with his fingers crossed.

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