my decr room am i so fake snapchat-Review of the users regarding the Company in App stores in iTune

The application snap chat is a very popular application because of its easy to use feature. In the

recent days, what young people love to do the most is that clicking photos and shares them with

friends. And for that purpose, the most reliable application is none other than this Snapchat app.

Those who have already used it have flooded the application with the waves of praise. Unlike

others application and social media sites there are lack of chances of the photos to get leaked. To

capture the happiest moment of an event and share those with friends have become all the way so


Reviews by the daily and regular users:

It is your time to enjoy the fast and safe mobile conversation with friends. Snap a photo of

yourself or of your friends or film the moment, then add a caption to the clicks or videos then

send them to your desirable recipient. People have viewed the app with positive reviews. Let us

look at the comments they have made on Snapchat photo sharing system.My Decr Room Am I So Fake SnapchatMy Decr Room Am I So Fake Snapchat

According to a user’s review, there will be an on and off options enabled for the users.

Even the other recipients can have the same options enabled. It is possible that the

recipients you have on your list may not like to receive photos from your side. There are

other options and using them you can add text to the photos or you can add your or your

friend’s name to the corner of the photos or below the photos. The photos can be edited

with the magic of the sender or the texts on the photos can be edited with different colors

as well. The photos only stay for a few moments but users can ransack the setting in order

to change the setting for the sake of keeping the photos for a longer time or for a couple

of days.

Some other users have reviewed it as her all time favorite application. According to her,

this application gives her the opportunity to take pictures even though she is looking ugly

because she knows the photo will go into vanish after a little time. She has said that this

application is the best one she has come to witness. She told in her comments that she

recommended it to everyone to have it installed on smart phones.

According to some other reviewer, the application works very fast. It downloads photos

and videos very fast unlike other application for smart phones and tabs in the market.

And the most interesting fact regarding it is that any user can add music to the snaps as

well to enhance the appealing quotient of the photo. You can share words with friends


Recipients may laugh at the stuffs and they will enjoy the shared moments and then the stuffs

will go vanished after a certain time set by you. It is now possible to add a snap to your story

with just on tap.

snap chat